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The title is: Bend it like Beckham

Director: Gurinder Chadha

The main characters are:

Jess Bhamra - Parminder Nagra

Jules Paxton – Keira Knightley

Joe – Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Mr Bhamra – Anupam Kher

Mrs Bhamra – Shaheen Khan

Pinky Bhamra – Archie Panjabi

Paula Paxton – Juliet Stevenson

Mike Paxton – Frank Harper

Story line

Jess is an Indian girl and her parents are very traditional. She has a big poster of David Beckham in her room for inspiration. Jess is an excellent football player and she sneaks out, so she can play in the local soccer team. She have to play football behind her parents back. She and her new friend Jules felt in love with the footballtrainer Joe. Her mother expected that she is the great daughter. The problems are big when a very important match is on the same day as the wedding from her sister. Her father supports her and she can play half of the time.

At the end of the movie are Jess and Jules selected for the United States. They can play there for money and Jess and Joe are having a relationship. Jess parents except him as her boyfriend.

Where and in which time does the story take place?

The story take place in London at the Bhamra’s house, with the Paxton family and at the soccer field. The movie is produced in the year 2002 by Gurinder Chadha.


The main character is Jess, she dreams of playing soccer professionally like her hero David Beckham. When she plays soccer in the park with her friends, she meet Jules. They became close friends. Jules is playing for the local soccer team and ask Jess if she want to enjoy their team. Jules and Jess are a great combination together in the soccer team, Jess parents don’t want that their daughter plays in a football team so this requires lying to her parents about what she is doing. She pretends she has a part time job, and sneaks out when they are not around. Jess felt guilty about the lying against her parents but her friends encourage her go against her parents wishes and break the rules. Her sister Pinky is engaged with a indian boy. Then the engagement is cancelled by the boy’s family because they thought that Jess kissed a Englishboy but it was only a hug with Jules. The traditional Indian parents of Jess want her to concentrate her energies on studying, learning how to cook, and to marry a suitable young man, just like her older sister Pinky. When Jess football team is traveling to Germany for a important soccer match they reaches the final. Jules and Jess are both in love with Joe the trainer that is tested their friendship. Joe likes Jess to. This also is a dilemma for Jess as she knows her family won’t accept Joe because he is not Indian. Everything is oke again with Pinky and her boyfriend and they are going to merry again. Then is Jess in really big trouble when the finals of football are scheduled on the same day as Pinky’s wedding. An American university scout visits to watch a match but Jess wants to forget the match because the loyalty of her family. Because she lookes very sad whole day, her dad lets her play football. She comes in at half a time and she scores 2 goals. Then Jules and Jess were selected by the scout who offers them a college and professional play in America. Jess knows that her parents don’t excepted that and she told everything honestly about the offer. Till Jess surprise her dad agrees with it. Jules and Jess can go to America for the college. On the airport Joe wants to say goodbye to them. Jess and Joe kissed eachother and then they are having a relationship. Jess parents wants happines for their daughter and accept Joe as boyfriend. At the end when they have to go in their plane, they see David and Victoria Beckham.

My opinion

I found the movie ‘Bend it like Beckham’ a very nice movie to watch. The movie was not boring to look at. The differents of cultures I also found very interesting because the Dutch culture is very less strict then the Indian culture.

The reviews

1)"Bend it Like Beckham" is a British comedy on a sport that the film industry has been largely ignored, and that is soccer. I believe that the last movie on the subject of soccer (and I hope I'm wrong) is the 1981 film "Victory" in which Slvester Stallone led an American team against the Nazis. That film was made over 20 years ago.

I confess that I love to watch Soccer on television, and I don't want to complain, but a least get a feature film on the subject once in a while. In "Beckham," the film tells of a girl name Jess, who loves to play the game of soccer. The problem is that she's playing her beloved sport against the wishes of her Hindu family, who planned other things for her.

"Bend it Like Beckham" is a comic oasis in a sea of recently released bad comedies. This film celebrates family and sports which cames together very nicely. So there aren't any big name performers in this film. Big Deal! See the film anyway. It's still a good movie.

2) A very fun, lighthearted movie that examines what it's like to be a teen in London from Indian heritage. A girl who dreams of being a great soccer player gets the chance to play on a team at the same time her parents want her to begin learning how to be a proper Indian bride. As one culture collides with the other, there are many comedic opportunities that will have you laughing and you'll walk out of the theater glad for the experience.

There are many individual elements and characters that are worth appreciating, and the ending is very satisfying. You'll probably find yourself talking about "Bending it Like Beckham" with others that have seen the film, plus everyone who hasn't.

After not expecting to like this film (it's a difficult one to promote accurately), I was very pleasantly surprised. Highly recommended!


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