The third man door Graham Greene

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Boekcover The third man
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Boekcover The third man
The third man door Graham Greene
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The Third Man




Graham Greene


Classic, Thriller


It begins at the funeral of Harry in Vienna. Calloway Rollo Martins met there for the first time. Rollo Martins has a lot of grief over the death of Harry Lime. He had come to Vienna because Harry Lime had him in a letter inviting you to come. When he arrived he heard of Koch, the neighbor of Harry Lime, he's dead. Koch said that he was driven by a jeep, he was killed instantly and that three men were in, Kurtz, Cooler and another man .. Who is the third man? That will sort Calloway and Martins. They visit Cooler and Kurtz. Kurtz says that the accident happened when Harry crossed to speak Cooler. When he was hit, he died instantly. Martins also visit Dr. Winkler, but who can not tell because he was not there. Cooler told Rollo Martins about Anna Smith, the ex-girlfriend of Harry Lime. She is a Hungarian and Harry Lime helped her with the (illegal) getting British papers. Rollo Martins visits her and falls in love with her. It is both of them, that Kurtz and Cooler nothing said about a third man in the accident. Only Koch only. Suddenly one day Koch's death. It is strange, the only one who probably spoke the truth, is dead. He was murdered.

  Rollo Martins find it all very strange. If he one evening, after he drank some in a bar, Harry Lime listed, he thinks first that he is crazy. But Rollo Martins sees him walking away and goes after him. But he disappears behind a kiosk and if Rollo Martins looks out he's gone. He tells this to Calloway and go to the kiosk. They see that there is a door, where Harry Lime by fled and underground through another kiosk in another zone has emerged. Calloway wants Rollo Martins Harry Lime look up and go talk to him. In the meantime, Rollo Martins Harry Lime hate and they have no friendly conversation. Comes out that Harry Lime has done a lot of illegal things and searched by the police. Therefore he had pretended he was dead. In reality this was one Harbin in the tomb. Rollo Martins reports on Calloway, who makes him promise that he will help to get a hold of Harry Lime. They make a plan and carry it out. It ends with a long chase under the ground. On one side is Calloway with another agent and on the other hand runs Rollo Martins with an agent. Furthermore, there are more agents through the hallways. Suddenly on the agent at Rollo Martins his flashlight from his hand shot. It's Harry. Rollo Martins calls him, wants to talk to him. He emerges, but not to talk. He shoots the cop down. Rollo Martins goes after him. If he hits Rollo Martins focuses climbs the stairs to his feet and him so he can not walk anymore. He remains, moaning in pain, and Rollo Martins can not stand it anymore and shoots him dead. There will be a second funeral of Harry Lime, but this time the people are a little less sad.


Rollo Martins, a writer who writes under the name Buck Dexter and who is friends with Harry Lime, Calloway, a policeman, he told the story, Anna Smith, the ex-girlfriend of Harry, Harry Lime, the one where the story around, a man who smuggles bad penicillin. Then there are Kurtz, Cooler and Dr. Winkler, three friends of Harry Lime and Koch Harry's neighbor.


The place where the story plays is London, this isn’t influence on the story because it also could be played of in Washington D.C.


Noem de belangrijkste tijd(en). Leg uit of en waarom juist deze tijd(en) wel/niet belangrijk zijn voor het verhaal. Leg uit of het zich ook in een andere tijd af had kunnen spelen.


At the end of the book the mystery is solved and is the culprit in jail.


I thought this book is not a good book. It was hard to understand because you didn’t know who was talking. The words at themselves weren’t hard to understand because the words were easy and not in old language. The book did nothing with me. I want it to be out soon so that I didn’t have to read it again. I thought that the language easy was but you didn’t know who was talking in the story. I thought it was original but I wouldn’t like it when it went out to be a movie. I was happy that the story ended because I didn’t have to read more. I couldn’t get into the characters because I didn’t understand who was talking. I thought that the style of the book wasn’t correct because I didn’t thought it was a thriller. I didn’t know the writer of the book and I don’t want to read any other book of him.


I give this book a 7 because it was hard to understand because you didn’t know who was ‘talking’ in the story.

Biography author:

Henry Graham Greene, OM, CH (2 October 1904 – 3 April 1991) was an English novelist and author regarded as one of the greatest writers of the 20th century. Combining literary acclaim with widespread popularity, Greene had acquired a reputation early in his own lifetime as a great writer, both of serious Catholic novels and of thrillers (or "entertainments " as he termed them); however, even though shortlisted in 1967, he was never awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. Through 67 years of writings which included over 25 novels, he explored the ambivalent moral and political issues of the modern world through a Catholic perspective

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