The devil wears prada door Lauren Weisberger

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Boekcover The devil wears prada
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Boekcover The devil wears prada

Andrea Sachs, vers uit de collegebanken, is net aangenomen als de nieuwe assistent van de alom gevreesde en bewonderde hoofdredacteur van het tijdschrift Runway, Miranda Priestley.
Runway is hét blad op modegebied, de lieveling van alle ontwerpers. Op de redac…

Andrea Sachs, vers uit de collegebanken, is net aangenomen als de nieuwe assistent van de alom gevreesde en bewonderde hoofdredacteur van het tijdschrift Runway, Miranda Priestley.…

Andrea Sachs, vers uit de collegebanken, is net aangenomen als de nieuwe assistent van de alom gevreesde en bewonderde hoofdredacteur van het tijdschrift Runway, Miranda Priestley.
Runway is hét blad op modegebied, de lieveling van alle ontwerpers. Op de redactie komen de bekende namen van alle kanten op je af: Prada! Armani! Manolo's! Versace! Er lopen alleen maar heel magere, zeer stijlvolle vrouwen rond, en mooie mannen in strakke zwarte coltruien en strakke leren broeken. En met een haast kinderlijk gemak weet Miranda al deze succesvolle, hippe mensen te reduceren tot trillende kleine kinderen.
Andrea vertelt op een frisse, ontwapenende manier over het leven van hen die aan de top staan, en over hoe iemand die aan de top staat het leven van ondergeschikten tot een hel kan maken en alle gevoel voor realiteit verliest.
Zo laat Miranda de nieuwste Harry Potter invliegen voor haar schatjes van kinderen, laat ze Andrea haar gigantische telefoonrekening voorschieten, en moet haar ontbijt precies op de seconde nauwkeurig voor haar staan. Elke dag wordt Andrea zwaar op de proef gesteld, en vaak ook 's nachts, als de commando's van Miranda door de telefoon klinken.
Terwijl haar werkdagen steeds langer worden en de eisen steeds extremer, realiseert Andrea zich dat het baantje waar duizenden vrouwen een moord voor zouden doen haar het leven flink onmogelijk maakt.

The devil wears prada door Lauren Weisberger
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Author: Lauren Weisberger

Year of first publication: in 2003

Number of pages: 360


A delightfully dishy novel about the all-time most impossible boss in the history of impossible bosses.

Andrea Sachs, a small-town girl fresh out of college, lands the job "a million girls would die for." Hired as the assistant to Miranda Priestly, the high-profile, fabulously successful editor of Runway magazine, Andrea finds herself in an office that shouts Prada! Armani! Versace! at every turn, a world populated by impossibly thin, heart-wrenchingly stylish women and beautiful men clad in fine-ribbed turtlenecks and tight leather pants that show off their lifelong dedication to the gym. With breathtaking ease, Miranda can turn each and every one of these hip sophisticates into a scared, whimpering child.

The Devil Wears Prada gives a rich and hilarious new meaning to complaints about "The Boss from Hell." Narrated in Andrea's smart, refreshingly disarming voice, it traces a deep, dark, devilish view of life at the top only hinted at in gossip columns and over Cosmopolitans at the trendiest cocktail parties. From sending the latest, not-yet-in-stores Harry Potter to Miranda's children in Paris by private jet, to locating an unnamed antique store where Miranda had at some point admired a vintage dresser, to serving lattes to Miranda at precisely the piping hot temperature she prefers, Andrea is sorely tested each and every day—and often late into the night with orders barked over the phone. She puts up with it all by keeping her eyes on the prize: a recommendation from Miranda that will get Andrea a top job at any magazine of her choosing. As things escalate from the merely unacceptable to the downright outrageous, however, Andrea begins to realize that the job a million girls would die for may just kill her. And even if she survives, she has to decide whether or not the job is worth the price of her soul.

Main characters:

Andrea “Andy” Sachs: Andrea Sachs is a recent graduate from Brown University and she now works as the junior personal assistant for the devilish fashion magazine editor Miranda Priestly. Her friends and family call her Andy. Andy is a sweet, realistic girl and at first she fights against the Runway style, but she is able to acquire enough free designer clothing to fit in better with the rest of the Runway staff and then begins to act very snobby.

Miranda Priestly (born as Miriam Princhek): Miranda Priestly is very chic and influential editor-in-chief of Runway, a fashion magazine published by Elias-Clark. Miranda is a classic "boss from hell" — she rarely gives enough information or time to comply with her demands, yet she routinely berates those who fail. She makes people go to great lengths to accommodate her only to change her mind after they have done so. She feels no compunction about ordering Andrea and others to do things such as getting Starbucks coffee or a steak lunch from Smith and Wollensky anew if they have gotten too cold for her in the meantime. People at the magazine are afraid of finding themselves alone in an elevator with her. She is known for wearing a white Hermès scarf every day.

Emily Charlton: Emily is Andrea’s coworker. She was first Miranda’s junior assistant, but now her senior assistant and responsible for more business-related matters. Andrea and Emily have a hate-love relationship

Title explanation:

The title is the Devil wears Prada because Andrea’s boss is the editor-in-chief of Runway, a fashion magazine. Miranda is such a devilish person and always dressed up very chic, in brands like Prada, Chanel and Hermès, so the novel is called the Devil wears Prada.

Main theme:

The main theme of the book is to make the choices about what is really important in your life

Beginning & end:

It does take place mainly in New York where Andrea is a shy girl who’s not interested in fashion and wears old clothes, but at the end of the story it does take place in Paris when Andrea is a girl who’s interested in fashion and wears all types of expensive brands.

Climax or Anticlimax:

I think this book is a climax, because you don’t have any idea what is going to happen. You don’t know the end of the book.

Personal opinion:

I liked the book because it reads very easy and it’s about a job what every girl wants. Before reading the book and after reading the book, you really have to consider if you still want to do that. It gives you the other side of a job like this.


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