Raad jij de studie?

Waarschijnlijk heb je al wat studies op het oog. Maar heb je echt alle studies overwogen? Grote kans dat je wat toffe opleidingen over het hoofd ziet. In deze video gaan Lauren, Lin & Marit raden welke studie wij zoeken! Misschien is dit ook wel wat voor jou?

Meer info

What you left behind is about a boy named Ryden. He is in middle school. He loves to play soccer and he wants to make a career out of soccer. He doesn’t know his father and he wants to figure out who his father is. On school he meets Meg. Meg is a girl with the furthest stage of cancer, only her family and her best friend know this. Meg tells Ryden that she takes the pill and they have sex with each other without a condom.

After a short time Meg figures out that she’s pregnant and she tells Ryden about it. He is shocked and he knows Meg can’t take chemo’s any longer. This is why he wants Meg to take an abortion. During the labor dies Meg, their daughter Hope stays alive. Meg came up with the name Hope and the name has a huge meaning for Meg.

Ryden has it hard to take care of Hope in the first months after the born of Hope. His mother and the best friend of Meg, Alan, wants to take care of Hope. Then it’s the end of the summer vacation, Ryden must go to school again, he needs to go to soccer training and he must work. Hope needs to go to the childcare.

Ryden meets a girl named Joni at his work, they started to talk and they became friends. Ryden doesn’t tell something about Meg or Hope.

The sister of Meg, Mabel, finds an special diary from Meg. She lets this read by Ryden, he finds out that there are names on the side of the diary and there should be some diary’s for Ryden and Alan. A little time later calls Alan to Ryden that he found his diary.

Ryden and Joni became a couple, but Joni finds out about Hope and Meg. She doesn’t want to speak to Ryden anymore. Ryden wants to make it up with her and he goes to her home and explains everything. This is good for Joni and they are happy with each other again.

The mother of Ryden kept the diary Meg wrote for Ryden all the time with her and she gives the diary to Ryden.

Ryden tries to find his father on the end of the book. He is already on his way with Joni to his father when he decided that he doesn’t want to visit him anymore. This is the end of the book.


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