General information about this book
The title of this book is: Matilda.
The author is Roald Dahl.
This book is published by Jonathan Cape Ltd. In London, in the year 1988.
I’ve read this book in the edition that was published in 2001.
Before reading.
The title of this book is Matilda. Matilda is a girlname, so I expect that this book is about a girl.
When I look at the cover of this book, I see a little girl that is reading books.
 Therefore I assume that the girl on the cover is Matilda and she likes to read books.
Maybe she is a smart girl, because she is young and she already can read books.
On the cover I see also children who are laughing at her, probably because she's popuar.
While reading
In the first 50 pages I read that this book is about a girl. Her name is Matilda. She is very clever because she can read on a very young age. She has a father and a mother and a brother, but they don’t understand Matilda. Rather than Matilda, they don’t like reading but they like to watch  television. Besides reading, little Matilda also keeps herself busy with mathematics.
This is a fantasy book because most of the things that happened could not happen in real life. For example Matilda has a magic power: when she is looking at a light for just an instant she would be able to switch in off or on by her eyes. With this power she drove away the head of the school who hated the children. Also an example is that Matilda could read when she was 3 that is (I think) impossible without help especially in the family were she grew up.
The book is written from the narrators point of view.
After reading
Summary of the book
After reading each chapter, I made a summary. This summary has added as an extra piece at the end of my book report.
From this summary I have made a short summary.
Matilda is a little girl that lives together with her parents and brother Michael. She loves to read books since she was very young. She is not very happy in her family, because she is different. She likes reading, but her father is a cheating second hand car salesman and her mother plays bingo every day. Her brother likes the things his parents do, but Matilda doesn’t.
Her parents don’t understand her.
When she goes to school, she likes to learn so much as possible. She has a very nice teacher, miss Honey. But the Headmistress, miss Trunchbull, is a very cruel type. She doesn’t like children and she treats them awkward. That makes Matilda mad and when miss Trunchbull is in their classroom, Matilda discovers that she can move things while she strongly concentrates on it.
She becomes friends with miss Honey. She drinks tea in the little cottage from miss Honey and miss Honey tells that her parents died early. From that time she was raised by her aunt, but that aunt wasn’t kind and took her house and her money. Matilda finds out that miss Trunchbull is her aunt.
Because she hates miss Trunchbull, she decides to help miss Honey to get her house and money back.
One day, when miss Trunchbull is in the classroom, she uses her magic power. She lets a chalk write on the blackboard. She writes that miss Trunchbull has to give everything back to miss Honey and that she has to disappear. So it happens. Suddenly her parents want to leave for Spain, but Matilda wants to stay with miss Honey. Her parents agree and let her stay with miss Honey.
Where does the story take place?
The story takes place in England, because they pay with pounds and pences.(the rent of the cottage of Miss. Honey on page 196).
Matilda lives in a little village with a few shops.
Main characters
She is a small girl and she is 4 years old at the very beginning of the book.
When she is in the third class she is 6 years old.
She likes reading books and she becomes a very smart girl.
She has parents and a older brother and a bit older than herself.
She has a magic power because she can move things whiteout touching, them when she concentrates very strongly.
Miss. Honey:
Miss. Honey is a teacher for the third class.
When she was young her mother died and later her father also died.
Then she lived with her aunt and it appears that her aunt is Miss. Trunchbull.
She lives in a small cottage and then later at the end she gets the house where the aunt lived and where she lived when she was a child.
Miss Honey is very kind and she loves children. Especially Matilda.
Miss. Trunchbull:
She is the head of the school and she is very strict.
She abuses the children when they do something wrong.
She hurts the children very much.
And she is the aunt of Miss. Honey.
About my expectations
My answer was correct about the content, because it is a story about a girl.
My other answer was also correct because Matilda likes to read books and she is also very clever. I understand that the children on the cover laugh, because Matilda helped them to get rid of Miss Thrunchbull.
My opinion about this book
This book is really great because there is fantasy in this book and I like fantasy.
It was a thrilling book and I was curious about how it would end.
I recommend this book to others because it’s a great book with fantasy.
The story is exciting and unexpected.
Roald Dahl can write with a good sense of humor.
It took me 7 days to complete the whole story.
I think my grade is an eight for this book.
The genre is good and the story is well told.
The characteristics of the characters they fit well with themselves.

Mathilda is a young small girl of 4 years and 2 months old.
One day she said to herself to go to the library.
She read all children's books and then she started reading adult books.
She liked it so much that she borrowed books to read it at home.
She has two parents and one brother.


Her father is a car-dealer and her mother plays bingo every week.
The father is a cheater because he buys crashed cars for a cheap price then he will repair the car and he’ll sell the second-hand-cars for a much higher price than the car is.
When the family is dining, they eat in front of the television.


Matilda had an anger inside her head because her father is cheating with dealing cars and that they dining in front of the telly.
The next morning she woke up early then she picked her fathers hat and squirted superglue in the hat.
When her father wears the hat, he goes to his work.
When he’s arrived at his work he couldn’t put off the hat.
He had to wear the hat a few days without to put his hat off.
Later, Matilda's mother cut the hat off her fathers head with a scissor.


Her father had an unlucky day and did not sell enough secondhand-cars.
When he was home and he saw that Matilda was reading a book he was jealous about it and ripped all pages out of the book.
Then she went to her friend to see his parrot.
The parrot can say many words such as:”Rattle my bones” with a scary voice.
When she heared that she asked to borrow his parrot for one they to fright her parents.


This time her father had sold more secondhand-cars than the previous day.
He think that his son will also be a good car-dealer.
He leaves his son of ten years the prices down what he has earned that day.
At last he must add it all together.
Then Matilda said the answer the father and his son didn’t know she only hears the numbers but doesn’t see the numbers.
Then her father gets angry because he is jealous about that she is smarter than them.


Matilda's father insulted her when she had anger again.
The next morning she was up early to get ready for her next plan.
She mixed her father violets hair tonic with her mothers platinum blonde hair-dye.


Matilda goes to her first day of school.
She gets a very nice, lovely teacher called Miss Honey.
During the lesson they had to to calculate multiplication tables and learn sentences and words, not everyone knew everything but Matilda knew all of it.


The head of the school is Miss Trunchbull and is a very strict person.
She hates children.


Matilda was so smart that she get books from a higher class.
Miss. Honey goes to Matilda’s Parents to say that she can get a private lesson.


Miss. Trunchbull walked to a girl called Amanda with long pigtails in her hair.
She doesn’t like it and want that Amanda cut their hair.
But she won’t do it, then Miss. Trunchbull grabbed her pigtails and swing with it then throw them.


One day, Miss. Trunchbull has spotted that there is eaten from her chocolate cake.
Everyone had come to the hall and Bogtrotter Bruce was appointed to come forward.
He was punished and must eat a very big chocolate cake.
He was almost sick but its succeeded for the chocolate cake to eat.


Miss. Honey said that miss. Trunchbull each week takes her lesson for two hours.
She must get a can with water in it with a empty clean glass.
Lavender gets the task to bring the can with water and the empty glass.
She gets a plan, she has come home and fished in the pond a newt and the next day, she puts the newt in the can with water.


The class of Matilda gets the weekly test and Miss. Trunchbull was giving it.
Miss. Trunchbull Hurted the children who did it wrong.


Miss Trunchbull filled the glass with water with which the newt was released.
She screamed and was furious and accused Matilda.
Matilda was angry on her and with her anger and her power, she gave the glass knocked over without going to walk.
She screamed and accused Matilda again.
Then, Lavender puts the newt back into her pen case.


Matilda tells something to Miss. Honey about her powers how she knocked the glass over.
Later, Matilda goes to Miss. Honeys house with her.


Miss. Honey tells a story about herself when she was young.
Her mother died one day and on another day her father dies too and they thought that her father did a suicide.
It also appears that her aunt is Miss. Trunchbull.
She tells about the names of her Family.
Her father was called Magnus, her aunt Agatha, and the name of herself is Jenny.
But she didn’t know what her mothers name was.
Matilda takes revenge on Miss. Trunchbull.
She wrote with her magic power with a chalk on the schoolboard and wrote that Miss. Honey get back her house and her salary.
Matilda’s father wants to move to Spain because he’s chased of policemen.
Because he use illegal stuff.
Matilda don’t want to go to Spain then she stay with Miss. Honey.


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