Marie curie

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Marie curie

Marie Curie was born on 7th of November 1867 in Poland, she was the youngest of 5 children. When she was 11 years old her favourite sister died because of typhus  2 years later her mother died on tuberculoses. When she was 15 she tried to go to the University of Warschau. But they refused her. Later on she found a secret University for woman in Poland who could study.

In 1886 she made an appointment with her oldest sister Bronia. He sister would go to Paris and study to become a doctor and Marie would stay and find work as a teacher.

After Bronia was done studying and found work in Paris, Marie came to Paris to study Science, physics and math. In 1893 she graduated as the best pupil of the school and she could study the magnetic properties of hardened steel. She found a scientist who helped her. She fall in love with him and they married in 1895.

On September 12, 1897 she had her first child and after her pregnancy she stared study Becquerel and discovered phenomenon of "uranium rays". Later on Marie discovered that these rays is a property of the nucleus and gave it the name 'radioactivity' for this discovery she got an Nobel prize in 1903. In 1904 she had another daughter Evé.

She was the first woman with an Nobel price she won the Nobel Price for physics together with her husband.  She also was the first woman writing a physics book. In 1906 her husband Pierre died, and Marie became again a teacher and became the first female professor at the Sorbonne.

After 8 years in 1911 she won another Nobel Prize but this time it was the Nobel prize for science. Because she found the elements polonium and radium. That made her one of the 4 people who won 2 Nobel Prizes, but she is the only woman who won 2 Nobel Prizes.

In 1934 she died of oldness.

Her oldest daughter Irene also had an Nobel prize of Physics, one year after her mother died

Her youngest daughter Evé became 103 years old and died in 2007, her husband was the director of UNICEF and get the Nobel Prize of peace in 1965

I don’t want to be her because I like to be myself but she was really important

  • She was the first woman with Nobel prize
  • She got 2 Nobel prizes
  • She discovered uranium rays
  • She founds polonium and radium
  • She wrote important books for science and physics.


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