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What is UNICEF? 

UNICEF stands for United Nations International Children’s Emergency 1946 It was originally for European children who had to suffer in World War 2. 

As the world’s largest rights organization, UNICEF archives a lot. UNICEF helps millions and millions of childrens every year all over the world. From Ukraine to Afghanistan and all the way to Mexico. UNICEF  works for every child to have the future they dream of.

UNICEF’s motto is ‘For every Child '.For more than 53 years, UNICEF co-operates with governments, other charities and families to stand up for the rights of children. At the moment UNICEF is active in 190 countries. Since 1946 , they have been expanding more and more and are still expanding all over the world, trying to reach every country. 

This organization ensures that every child gets a good start in life, receives a solid education and can grow up in a healthy, safe and caring environment. 

UNICEF has 7 main priorities to focus on that are important for a good development of a child.

Health 2. Fevers  3. water and sanitation   4. nutrition  5 education 6. protection 7

  1. social inclusion, with that we mean that every child has to be included and not be excluded in programs. 


Article 28: Every child has the right to access free elementary education. And to follow as many studies as they want after elementary school. A teacher is forbidden to scream at or hit a student.

Education is the key for the development of a child. A Child who’s got a good education, gets better chances is the future. That’s why education is a basic human right.

They focus on:

Equitable access, they want to give access to quality education and skill development to every child and adolescent, regardless of who they are or where they live. They put effort in children who are excluded from education on the basis of their gender, disability, poverty, ethnicity and language.

Quality learning, education isn’t always good education. Good education requires a safe and friendly environment, qualified and motivated teachers and instructions in languages the students can understand.

 education in emergencies, Children living through conflict, natural disaster and displacement are in urgent need of educational support. Crises not only halt children’s learning but also roll back their gains. In many emergencies, UNICEF is the largest provider of educational support, working with other partners.

 digital learning, The availability of technology makes digital learning an essential service for every child. So if children aren’t capable of going to school, they still can learn online.  

 In 2020 they provided educational materials to more than 43 million children. They trained thousands of teachers and have build classrooms to be accessible for everyone, even children with disabilities. They have reached 301 million children with distance learning for the beginning of the covidpandamic. reached 48 million children who are on the run with online classes. They partnered with Work No Child's Business to make education accessible to everyone and fighting Child labor. 


Major causes of death among children vary by age. Children under 5 are especially vulnerable to infectious diseases like malaria, pneumonia, diarrhea, HIV and tuberculosis. For older children, intolerable diseases, injuries and conflict pose significant threats. 

 Pneumonia , diarrhea and malaria were responsible for approximately 29 % of global deaths among children under the age of 5 in 2018. These diseases are entirely preventable and treatable, that's exactly what UNICEF has been trying. UNICEF works around the world to protect and prevent children from dying of diseases. They support countries to strengthen primary health care systems and combat all these kinds of infectious diseases. 

The children are getting more and more vaccinations and medicines from UNICEF to beat all these horrible diseases. 


Article 24: A child has the right to grow up healthy and receive good care. 

 Good nutrition is needed for the right mental and physical development of a child. Good nutrition leads to better growth, good school performance and better changes in life. 

 Around 149 million children under the age of 5 struggle with chronic malnutrition. It’s not like they don’t eat, they don’t receive the needed nutrients to grow and develop. They develop a lag in their growth and mental state. This has a huge impact on their health, school performance and future 

 Around 45 million children under the age of 5 struggle with acute malnutrition. These children don’t eat enough and struggle with diseases like diarrhea, that’s why they can’t hold the nutritions. They are too skinny for their age. Without cure it can become life threatening  

 Around 39 million children under the age of 5 are overweight. They move to less, food with loads of fat and sugar is easier to get, and the advertisement you see on tv tempts children and parents to buy junkfood. They have bigger chances of health issues. negative self image, bullying and bad school performances. 

 UNICEF does a lot to ensure that every child gets enough nutritions. In cooperation with partners they performed a nutrition programme in 133 countries, aimt on baby’s, children and future moms. They support governments in improving their nutritional policies. They train care providers to recognise and cure malnutrition. They provide lifesaving food supplements.

How does UNICEF get all that money?

Unicef is the children’s organization of the UN, the United Nations., but we do not receive any funding from the UN. It is only possible thanks to the voluntary contributions we receive from individuals, corporations and from the government. That is why you also have an organization for every country. As a country you can give the money to the countries who need it the most.  

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Unicef is the children’s organization of the UN, the United Nations., but we do not receive any funding from the UN. It is only possible thanks to the voluntary contributions we receive from individuals, corporations and from the government. That is why you also have an organization for every country. As a country you can give the money to the countries who need it the most.  

A handy way to ask people for money is to let people with talents talk about your charity. Like UNICEF does with the Goodwill Ambassadors. 

Goodwill Ambassadors are among the most recognisable faces of UNICEF. Goodwill Ambassadors volunteer their time to raise awareness and mobilize support, helping UNICEF to reach the most disadvantaged children’s and adolescents with lifesaving help and hope 

 Here are some celebrities you might recognise who are supporting and helping UNICEF;

  • Milly Bobby Brown; since 2018, Stranger things, youngest Ambassador 
  • Priyanka Chopra Jonas; since 2016, UNICEF India, Wife Jonas brothers (band) 
  • Liam Neeson; since 2011 Schindler’s list, Taken Films 
  • David Beckham; since 2005, Football player 
  • Jackie Chan; since 2004, Stuntman, Karate Kid, you just have to know him. 
  • Shakira Mebarak; since 2003, Singer 

Our Opinion

We think it’s a wonderful organization, because giving children equal chances is very important. What is also very good about this organization is, the money you donate, actually goes to the ones who need it. By most of the organizations a huge amount of money just disappears and never gets to the fund. We also think that it’s so important to help children. Children are very vulnerable and just don’t understand most things. It’s also very difficult for them to protect themselves.Every donation is effective. For 10 euros a month you can feed 16 children for a month.This is why this Fund is the best fund. 


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