Types games

There are six types of games: freestyle, alpine, freeride, boardercross, half-pipe and gaint-slalom. I’m going to explain them all shortly.


The participants carry out trucs between special snow slopes witch are called half-pipes


Alpinesnowboarding seems like the descent with skiing. It exists from the games slalom, giant slalom and parallel slalom. Snowboarders must go as fast as possible.


Freeride games are held outside he track, so the participants will have to adapt to the environment


Participants will start in groups of four or six on a track with hills, increased turns and jumps.


During a game in the half-pipe the participant is accompanies by music and he must carry out trucs when he slides from one to the other side of the half-pipe.


The snowboarder must take off a parcours along triangular gates without missing one. If he misses one, he is automatically disqualified. The meaning is to put down the best time. Therefore unnecessary movements and wide turnings must be prevented. Falling is permitted. It only costs much time.

The board is made of 7 different coats:

1. The top: the bonds are fasten on the top, it’s a plastic coat often with beautiful drawings and designs.

2. The laminate: made of laminate, for a better performance and flexibility

3. The Woodcentre: Made of wood for a better flexibility and comfort

4. Steelinserts: For more strongness under the bonds

5. another coat of laminate

6. a steel edge around the other coats for a perfect carving and strongness

7. A waxed bottom for perfect gliding, often with beautiful drawings and designs like on the top.


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