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Op vind je niet alleen maar informatie voor een werkstuk over duurzaamheid, maar ook 12 challenges om je steentje bij te dragen aan een beter klimaat. Douche jij komende week wat korter of daag je jezelf uit om een week vegetarisch te eten? Kom samen in actie!

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Presentation Rome
Buon Giorno! Hello, I’m going to speak about Rome. Rome is the capital of Italy. I chose this city because my father is an Italian.
I’m going to tell you something about Rome’s history. The official date of it’s foundation is 752 years before Christ. There is an old legend (legende) about it : “The story of Romulus and Remus.” They were small twin brothers - sons of gods - left on the bank of the river Tiber. They were found by a female wolf. She took care of the boys and raised (voedde ze op) them.
They grew up and founded a city on the bank (oever) of the river. But they could not decide who was going to be the king of the city, so they had a fight. Romulus killed his brother and gave his name to the city of Rome.

Today Rome is a metropolis, with more than 4 million inhabitants. Rome offers you so much that it is difficult to choose what you want to do and which places you want to visit. The centre of Rome is a paradise for people who love shopping. You can find nice boutiques everywhere, where you can buy fashion clothing, jewellery and shoes. And you can find good restaurants and bars all over.
In the old centre you can find all the international and Italian banks, the Government, all the ministries and official buildings. And there are many big and beautiful houses “pallazi” where the aristocratic or rich families live. The centre is surrounded by areas and suburbs, where most Romans live.
Most Romans are very sympathetic and “no nonsense” people. They live in small apartments or houses
But, as you know, most people visit Rome because of its monuments and famous museums, its historical buildings and archaeological sites.  I’m going to tell you something about a few of these buildings:
- The Colosseum
- The Trevi fountain
- The Pantheon
- The Forum
1. The Colosseum is a Greek style theatre, built in 72. The outline of the theatre is over 500 meters, the longest diameter is more than 200 meters, and the height is 57 meters. It was a very big theatre, used for games and fights between gladiators, wild animals and prisoners . More than 30.000 people could sit down in it. The original beauty of the Colosseum has suffered a lot during wars and earthquakes
2. The Trevi Fountain. In Rome there are a lot of fountains. The most famous one is the Trevi Fountain. The legend says that if you throw a coin over your shoulder in the water and make a wish at the same time, the wish will come true. You should try it!

3.The Pantheon is a roman temple built in 27 before Christ, that has never been destroyed. Later it became a Catholic church. During the Renaissance many famous people were buried there. The Pantheon has been rebuilt after a big inferno and is still a church-museum everyone can visit.
4.The “Forum Romanum” was a very central and important place where in the ancient Rome where people met everyday. There are more than 82 ruins (ruïnes) of marble (marmeren) temples and buildings. Every roman emperor used to build his own temple or palace there. There was a huge market place too, where salesmen were selling silk and all kind of materials, spices, fresh meat, fruit and vegetables etc.
As you can see I can go on for hours talking about Rome. Thank you for your attention. Ciao a tutti! Grazie e arrivederci!


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