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Hello everybody our speech is going to be about London.
We have divided our presentation in :
1. the history
2. the royal family
3. general information about London
4. the sights of London
5. food and drinks
6. sports.

1. the history.
According to the medieval mythology of Geoffrey van Monmouth was London founded by Brutus van Troje and was known as Troia Nova and later on it was called Trinovantum. London has not always been the capital of England, during the middle ages it was Winchester. There was a lot of agriculture and the inhabitants lived spread over London. The city became Londinium in the year 43 by the Roman emperor Claudias. It was the capital of the Roman province Britannia, it became the largest city of Britannia. In the 10thcentury the city became more independent, eventually the citizens managed to get the power in the city. London was the biggest city of England with 50.000 inhabitants in the 14th century, than in the 17thcentury London had over 200.000 inhabitants. But two calamities found London in a short period of time. First the plague epidemic with 75.000 victims. Than the big fire on September the second till September the 5thalso caused a lot of damage. The rebuilding of the city and the suppression of contagious sicknesses and fire started. Sir Christopher Wren had a big role in the rebuilding of the city, he also built the Saint Paul’s Cathedral. During the Second World War was London found heavily by German bombardments, with over 30.000 victims. After the war London had to rebuild the city. The docklands and underground railway lines were moored. Now in the 21st century London has been attacked by terrorists like on the 7th of July 2005. Three trains exploded, there were over fifty victims. Also a bus exploded,there were thirteen victims.

2. general information about London.
London or Great-London is seen as one the four World Cities, just like Paris,New York and Tokio. London is in the South-East of England, and the Theems runs straight through London. London has 32 boroughs. In London you have the Inner London, surrounded by Outer London in Greater-London. The city is known as Great-London and is 1580 square mile and London has 7,3 million inhabitants.

3. the sights of London.
London has many famous buildings, like the house of the British Priminister,10 Downing Street. The parliament is in the Palace of Westminster, that is were the Big Ben is settled. A historical place is the Tower of London, despite its name it is not a tower. It is a big fortress, the oldest parts of the building are descend from the 11th century. It was used as a Palace, but also as a prison, now it is a museum where you can have a look at the crone jewels. The ferris wheel The London Eye and the Millennium Dome are the latest attractions of the city. One of the most famous palace is Buckingham Palace. Originally it was called Buckingham House, it was built in 1703 for John Sheffield. King George the third bought it in 1762 for his descendant Sir Charles Sheffield. Since 1837 it is used as a residence. Queen Victoria was the first queen who lived there. If she was not there they hoist the Union Jack.
The Changing of the Guard takes place in the forecourt of Buckingham Palace at around 11am. The St. James' Palace detachment of the Queen's Guard, are usually led by the Corps of Drums, and wear the Oueen’s Colour if the Queen is in residence, if she is not, then they will the Regimental Colour, they marchealong the Mall to Buckingham Palace, where the Buckingham Palace detachment has formed up to await their arrival. These two detachments are the Old Guard and the New Guard.During this time the Band has taken its place by the centre gate, formed up in a half-circle During this period, the two regimental colours are paraded up and down by the Ensigns. With the Old and New Guards formed up once again, the Old Guard and the Band marches out through the centre gates.

4. food and drinks.
There are many differences in the way of cooking in England, because a lot of people are from different countries, with their own habits. Especially Soho and Chinatown, London. There are a lot of English pubs in London. Also is the beer well known, like Ale and Lager. Famous food is fish and chips,the big traditional fries with fried fish. You can get nearly in every take-away. And of course the High-Tea. High-Tea is an English meal, meant for workmen around six o’clock. The English also call it Afternoon-Tea. Many people think it is something for in the afternoon with cakes, originally that is not was it was. Now also a lot English do take a high tea in the afternoon. It is served with tea or coffee, with scones, clotted cream and jelly, and sandwiches. Also is the English breakfast well known, with bacon, scrambled eggs, sausages and white beans in tomato sauce.

5. sports.
In 1908 and 1948 London has organised the Summer Olympics and in 2012 it will be in London again. That will make London the first city who has done the Summer Olympics for the third time. Other big events in London are the tennis tournament Wimbledon and the London Marathon.
The most popular sport in England is soccer. There are thirteen teams of London in the Football League, and five of those clubs are playing in the Premier League: Arsenal,Chelsea,Fullham. Tottenham Hotspur and West Ham United. There are also a lot of stadiums in London, like the modern Wembley-stadium, for 90.000 people. It is the biggest stadium in Europe.

this was our presentation are there any questions?




dit werkstuk heeft mij goed geholpen, maar er staan af en toe nog wat foutjes in de spelling.

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