“The Barcelona game”

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 “The Barcelona game”

FC Barcalona VS Manchester United

Facts of the book

  • the title of the book is "the Barcelona game"
  • the author of the book is Stephen Rabley
  • the book is published around the year 2000
  • the Publisher of the book is "Pearson Edication Limited"

Main Characters

the main characters of the book are Holly, Trev and Kev

who is Holly exactly?

She is a girl of 12 years old, she has glasses, long brown hair, and reads a lot of books that is her hobby Holly lives in Manchester, she has two brothers, father and a mother ...

who is Kev, exactly?

Kev is a young of 17 years old, wears an earring, has short hair, and his hobby is football

the book itself

the author has for "the Barcelona game '' as the title chosen because the story takes place in Barcelona, Kev, Trev and Holly go to the contest Barcelona-manschester.

(I find the self also known as a good title for the book, because it plays in Barcelona)

my view of the book

I thought it was a fun, if you want to read the beginning grapig story, you very quickly the end of the book also already know,


Trev and Kev have tickets to the "barcalonagame" said to go there with their father. He is sick and they take holly unexplained word, they arrived in Barcelona, the bag of Holly was broken and they bought at the airport a new, they go to the hotel and discuss what they're going to do for the wedsrijd Barcelona-Manschester United, they go to a funfair in the neighborhood, that they found fun ... Trev and Kev in a roller coaster, Holly feels uncomfortable and goes into a cave nearby, she picks up her book from the bag and go read. what she wanted from her purse and sees that her bag is swapped is she looks at the man who sat next to her who just walked out the door, who had her bag, she calls him but he hears nothing and she goes after her, Holly leaves the cave and comes to he, against Pere together on the back of the motor behind the taxi to go to where the bag inlag, Holly comes in this way still see all the sights against what she wanted, the man with her bag stops at a well-known Cathedral, they will get her bag back, however they then happy arranges wall but she still has her Trev and Kev 20 minutes before getting in the cave at the time that they had agreed. so hurry up ... Holly comes just showing to the cave and says goodbye to Pere, along with her brothers she goes to the race time, but they are not told what happens is, Holly has fine entertained in Barcelona the wedsrijd begins and Holly .... start reading.


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