Bright lights, big city door Jay Mclnerney

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Boekcover Bright lights, big city
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Boekcover Bright lights, big city
Bright lights, big city door Jay Mclnerney
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Summary Bright Lights, Big City

Writer: Jay McInerney

Title: Bright lights, big city

Published: Penguin 1993


The story begins in a club. The you – person has got some Bolivian Marching powder (cocaïne) and is trying not to take more of it. His friend is already gone.

This are the nights of the you – person. He goes with his friend Tad Allagash to a club, find some girls and take some cocaïne. The only problem is that the you – person also got a joby by a magazine. His boss is Clara Tillinghast who is not really fond of the you – person. She gives him an impossible job. He has to make a writers article better by searching if the facts are right. That is his job, found out if the facts are facts. He got one day for it. He screwed up. The next day he has been fired, because he made to many mistakes. Not onlu than but also in the past.

That night he takes his revenge together with Tad and the ferret Fred. He screwed that up too. No one had seen the ferret, only the postman was attacked by it.

The next day he packed all his things. Megan, a collegue, wnats to go out with him. They make dinner together. He tells Megan about Ammanda. His wife who left him for a photographer, she is a model. Megan tells about her son who she sees only every year. Than he screwes up again He wnet to the bathroom and get himself a medicine. That medicine makes him ill and he passed out. Then he goes home where he meets his brother Michael. Michael says the family is missing him. Than they take a couple of lines. Michael sleeps on the couch and the you – person goes out with his friend Tad. In a club you meet Amanda again. She asked how he ‘s doing? He laughes. And passes out. When he wakes he got up and leaves. On the road he sees that his nose is bleeding. He feels horribly. He says to himself”I will have to learn evrything all over again.


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