York (Engeland)

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  • 12 april 2003
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It was a Friday and we had a regular day at school, but in the afternoon we went to York. At 5:00 pm we all went to the front of the school, where the bus was parked. Two boys had forgotten their passports. They had to go back home and then directly to the boat. When they finally arrived everybody could get on board and unpack their bags. Then we were on our own and we had fun. First we went out and bought some food in the restaurant. I had a real nice and big hotdog. In the evening we talked a lot. I slept for only one hour: from 5:00 am to 6:00 am. We had an early breakfast. I had a muffin and a brownie; there was a lot of choice so you could decide to get something different if you wanted that. We arrived in Hull and then we went to York by bus. It was very strange driving on the left side of the road. After the bus had parked we walked to the Yorvik Viking Center. There we had to wait in a line for a few minutes. Then we took a ride in small cabins on a rail and you could see how they lived in the middle ages. But there was a terrible smell inside like someone had peed there (that’s what everybody said). We learned what it was like in York in the middle ages. Later we walked to the York Cathedral. That was a very big building of 20 meters high and 50 meters long. Then we walked to another museum. I forgot the name but it was fun. There were old things from the begin 1900s. And there were model of shops and an old police office with a little jail. After that we had time to do what we wanted. We played some soccer with a empty can of soda. Others visited a museum at the top of a little mountain or decided to do some shopping. Then we came together at the parking place. We had to go to the bus. At 6:30 pm we arrived at the boat and we had to go on board. We ate a burger. Some kids played games in the game room or they went to a movie theater where a James Bond movie (Die another day) and The Ring were playing. When it was 12:00 am we decided to go to our cabins and go to sleep because we were very tired. The next morning we woke up late at 8:00 pm. Then we took the bus to Breda. When we arrived at school our parents were waving. That was the end of the trip to York. It was a nice trip and I hope we could do it again next year. I had a great time and it was a very educational trip.


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