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English report about weapons

The history of the weapons

In the past people always used their hands to rip their prey in parts. But now they found out that there are better and faster ways to cut their meat. One of those ways is a stone knife. It was the first kind of weapon they found out. And from one things comes another so they found out the sword. First it was made of bronze but later on it was made of iron. The population made a lot of sorts when they developed swords. Some swords were used to blow a heavy deal. Others were used to hew. They could reach little prey’s in a long distance when the hunters used a catapult. That technique took care of the development of the weapons, which became more accurate. From this moment on the technology developed and the weapon-collection expand. The technology became more specific and the weapons got much more advanced. The weapons became more powerful when they developed the gunpowder seven hundred years ago. Cannon-bullets could fly much faster with some gunpowder. That’s why they were used a lot. They’re using pistols in the present, but a sword would always have a place in our world. The sword is a symbol for power. That’s why we could find it in different places. For example in military parades, near the court-house and near by the government-buildings. Modern techniques made weapons more powerful and effective. Nuclear weapons could destroy a country, for example at the other side of the world in a few seconds. The world is scared since the invention of nuclear weapons. The government couldn’t take a decision without knowing the consequences of the nuclear weapons. When they make a wrong decision, the world lost. Every country will be attacked by nuclear weapons, and we will lose our world. It will be destroyed in a few seconds. That’s why the nuclear weapons should never be invented!

Kinds of weapons

Weapons are used to attack, to hunt, or to defend. But now they’re mostly used to threat people especially by the police.

* Pistol: The pistol is one of the most-used weapons. Lots of people have pistols, not only police-officers. Of course they have to need a license for it, but they have it to protect themselves.
A pistol has a clip with bullets in it and a little bit of explosive. When someone pulls the trigger the explosive explodes. Because of the big pressure the bullet will be pushed forward, and shot away.

* fire-weapons: The first fire-weapon were the cannons. (this weapon is developed in the 14th century). Something in this machine explodes and a ball gets shot away.
The most modern weapons are just like the first cannon. There are four sorts of fire-weapons. Pistols for personal protection, guns for the long-distance shots, machineguns to produce a bullet-rain and of course shot-guns were little pieces of lead were fired. The people in the world would call these pieces of lead hail.

* Tanks: Turtles have a shield to protect themselves against enemies. So some people started to think and they took the idea. The thought, if we made a kind of shield to protect ourselves and at the same time we can fire too, was great, than we would have it all. So the tanks were made. It’s a combination of fire-weapons and movement. Every tank has a computer-controlled cannon and an accurate laser distance-meter.
The strongest tank in the world (own by the Germans) has a weight of 55 ton and can reach a speed about 72 KM/H.

The consequences of weapons

The consequences of weapon use could be very bad. The invention of a weapon is the most awful invention ever. Weapons could only be used to hurt people, or worse, to kill people. The world would have been different, when nobody knew something about weapons. Many people in Kosovo lost their family and friends because of the use of weapons. When one country would like to have weapons, the other country’s can’t stay behind. Even if they don’t want to use weapons. They have to buy weapons to protect the country from others, because they are afraid to be attacked. Weapons could make people’s life easier. For example when they are killing an enemy. People don’t want to know the consequences of a weapon, because they’re bad. It’s amazing how people invented something like weapons.

What do you call a weapon?

Weapons are not just objects, which the government allowed, because of the menace of persons or because they look like real weapons, so that they could be used to menace people. (those weapons are only made to scare people. You can’t hurt someone with one of those weapons.) Other objects could be used to hurt someone. They are meant to attack somebody, to defend someone or to conquer a (piece of) land.

The army (and their techniques)

The target of the army is since the time that the Assyriërs conquered the old Mesopotamia, more than 2000 years ago, the same. The target is to conquer the enemy’s land, and to defend their own country. The army wasn’t trained for a war in the past. In the present, the most people have a well trained army. Some army’s are bigger but the most army’s have got modern fight stuff, like helicopters, rackets and tanks. The most countries have got long distance weapons. Every country has got his own uniform. An army uniform has to be practical and it must camouflage. The army teaches the men and women fight-techniques and they teach how to use a weapon. They’re training a lot to keep their body in shape. They also have to learn something about discipline and self-confidence. They have to follow orders in time of war, and that’s something what you have to train too!
The world would have been more peaceful when people never invented weapons, but you can’t change the past. You have to live now. Live with the consequences of weapons in the back of your head.


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