Elvis Presley

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Elvis was born on the 8th of September , 1935 in Tupelo, Mississippi. Located in Lee Country. He was a American singer and actor. He’s know worldwide as the King of rock and roll. He is one of the most successful and most popular solo artists in the world. He died on the 16th of August, 1977. He was forty-two years old when he died. Elvis had a traumatic past, an event that would determine his future. His twin brother Jesse Garon Presley is stillborn.                                          

When Elvis was ten years old, he took part in a singing competition, where he finished as second. How did Elvis Presley become famous? It started when he wanted to take in The Sun Studio on a plate as a birthday present for his mother. For four bucks you could get 2 songs record, this was the offer of the studio. Elvis sang "my happiness" and "that's when your heartaches begin." The studio secretary Marion Keisker recognized him as a talent. In 1953, he worked after school, first as cinema clerk and then as a truck driver. For his work he also had several times along Memphis Recording Service, part of The Sun Studio. From this moment he thought about wanting to record a song. That’s what he did for his mother’s birthday. The Sun Records owner, Sam Phillips, decided Elvis to invite. They found despite a white singer, that he had a dark voice. Elvis burst spontaneously later los with the wild version of "that's alright, mama". Just when one thought about it to stop. Philips asked the presenter of the local radio to play the single. Elvis song was after many requests often turned. His number was very well known. Sam Phillips of Sun Records decided that there had to be a released single because of the success and the many positive reactions of the song that Elvis sang. Dries kuijk was the manager from Elvis, on the 21st November 1955, under the fake name Colonel Tom Parker. He was from the Netherlands. On January 1956 was the first action from Elvis in a nationwide television show, the ‘stage show’. On March the 23rd 1956 was his first studio album released, in this same year he also received the Golden plate for his first single by RCA. How did his acting career? In 1956 Elvis played the lead role in his first film ' Love me tender '. The second and last film in which Elvis played and later died, was ' Flaming star'. in total, he played in 31 cinema films. Elvis had a good acting talent. Hollywood and Colonel had plans with him. Elvis has never become the actor, that he wanted to be. But it earned him a lot of money on. People saw him in a cheerful musical rather than in a serious movie. He was much depending on his medication. Elvis his health went the last years more and more backward. He died officially by a cardiac arrest, but this turned out to be different. He probably has an overdose of pills. Of the prescription medications. After his death he got 8 million sold plates at.


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