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Before his career

Elvis Aaron Presley was born on the 8th January 1935 at 4.35 AM in East
Tupelo. His twin brother Jesse Garon didn’t make it, he died as soon
as he was born. That was the first bad thing that happened to Elvis. He was
the only child from Gladys (his mother, borne on 25th April 1912, Pontotoc, Mississippi) and Vernon Presley (his father, borne 10th April 1916, Fulton, Mississippi). When Elvis was born, his father was only 18 years old and his mother was 22 years old. He didn’t have a great youth. His parents were very poor. They had an assistance and sometimes his father had a silly job as a worker. His father once had to go to the jail, because he wrote out a forged cheque. The relation between Gladys (his mother) and Elvis was very strong. From his second on Elvis has visited the Pentecostal First Assembly of God Church. He liked the church and the chorus very much. This was his very first musical school. His music was derived from the black music. When he became 7 he asked a bicycle, he got a guitar, because his parents didn't have the money to give him a bike. He learned to play guitar by listening to the radio, and playing by ear. When Elvis was 13 they moved to Memphis, Tennesee. His father thought he could find a job at that place, because it was much bigger. In fact the unemployment was much larger than in East Tupelo. But also, it turns out to be a great choice for a musical career. When his mother and father had found a job, Elvis was chancing. He got shaggier. Because he felt asleep during the lessons, he left school. He became a lorry driver.

His career

When he became 17, he wanted to surprise his mother with an own record called '' That's All Right (Mama) ''. Afterwards a man called Sam Philips heard the songs and let Elvis make a song with two other men. After that, Scotty Moore (one of the two men, the guitarist) became his manager. Elvis' records were doing very well and Elvis got more successful. ''Heartbreak Hotel'' (1956) was his break-through. The older people didn't like his acts and his music very much. It was too rough and he shook his hips too much. That's the reason why he got the nickname 'The Pelvis' His other nickname is The King. He has brought out many songs. You can see them on the another page.

Special data:

- At the 24th March 1958 he had to enter the army, but his success didn't fall of. - At the 14th August his mother Gladys died. - At the 5th March 1960 he was discharged from the army. - At the first May 1967 he got married with Pricilla Beaulieu in Las Vegas. - At the first February 1968 his only child Lisa Marie Presley was born - At the 9th October 1973 he divorced from Pricilla.

His dead

But Elvis died in 1977. Just like many artistes he couldn't handle drugs and that became his dead. He died because he took an overdose drugs. He was 42 when he died at Graceland. Many fans were inconvenience. Elvis was always against drugs and he told his fans that many times. He is still popular and many people say ''The King of the Pop'' will never die.

Elvis was a modest man who never forgot his youth and who believed that he had to thank God for his success and his gift as a singer and film star.


Height: 6'0'' Weight: 168-250
Neck: 15-16
Waist: 32-40
Chest: 39
Shoe Size: 11D
Eyes: blue
Hair: 'Dirty' Blond (dyed black) Blood Type: O Positive




haai nikkel,
bedankt voor je opstel over elvis!
Ik moet namelijk een spreekbeurt over hem houden en kon niks vinden.
Bedankt dus!

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