The most well-known inventor of the microscope is Antoni van Leeuwenhoek. In fact was he the one that improved the microscope strongly. He was born in 1924. When he was young his father died. At a young age he was interested in chemistry, astronomy, physics and mathematics. During his life he married twice. First with Barbara de Meij. Later on whe she was death, he married with Cornelia Swalmius. With his first wife he got five children. At the age of 90 he died. He left his oldest daughter a heritage of 90.000 guilders after his death.

He made a lot of discoveries with his own made microscope. Some of those are the infusoria, red blood cells and some bacteria. In the beginning he thought that the red blood cells had a sphere shape. But in fact they have a disc-like shape. He also discovered mites in cheese. At that time those were the smallest organisms found ever.


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