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Text Ready to bare

Author: Jane Moore
Title; Ready to bare
Kind of text: article
Source: Style, Wasp newsletter, vol.28
Pages: 1
Time spend: 15. Min. Date of reading: 22-05-¡¦00

Assignment 3: Write down five points from the text on which you absolutely (dis) agree with the writer. Explain why you agree/ disagree on these points. Points on which I disagree with the writer: „h ¡¥Today, wannabes already-ams and have-beens compete to be noticed more for what they don¡¦t wear than what they do.¡¦ Your look is not the most important thing, you have to do something like act or sing or play in a movie too. If beauty is the most important thing for them, they should become a model. „h ¡¥Soon, nobody will need clothes at all.¡¦ I absolutely disagree with that! You should wear clothes!!! When everybody is naked, we all haven¡¦t got any privacy. Points on which I agree with the writer: „h ¡¥Most of these frocks come with larger-than-life price tags attached.¡¦ I totally agree with that. It¡¦s truth, how smaller the clothes, how higher the price! „h ¡¥The attitude is, if you¡¦ve got the body and the confidence, why not flaunt it?¡¦ A lot of girls act like this, it¡¦s hard for fat people, but it¡¦s the truth. „h What these woman need to beware of, however, is that these are just fantasy images as far ¡¥as man are concerned.¡¦ This is the truth, woman must be theirself and have a lot of self-respect! They must live for theirselfs and not for others!!!!


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