Check de video: Laurien bouwt mee aan een zonneauto!

Presentator Joes gaat langs bij Laurien. Zij is student aan de TU Delft en onderdeel van het Vattenfall Solar Team. Ze hoopt hiermee anderen te inspireren op het gebied van duurzaamheid. Wil je zelf ook iets doen voor een betere wereld? Doe dan mee met de 'Op die fiets' challenge en probeer zo min mogelijk CO2 uit te stoten. 

Doe de challenge!

Opdr 21.5


1. Have you got a test tomorrow?

2. Did she go to the cinema last week?

3. Have Mr. and Mrs. Jones never been to Russia?

4. Do you always spend the month July in France?

5. Do they think they didn’t do anything wrong?


1. He has not always been very kind to us.

2. This product will never be sold throughout the world

3. He has not yet worked for the school for eight years

4. He is always borrowing books from the library

5. you can sometimes pick up bargains in this shop.


1. I’m going to Barcelona on Monday.

2. The traffic isn’t usually as bad as it was this morning.

3. You really shouldn’t got to bed so late.

4. Are you definitely going out whit him?

5. They have lived in the same street for a long time.

6. Don’t be too early! Make sure you’re not their before eight o’clock.

7. She can’t even keep her mouth shut for five minutes.

8. Tom walks to school every day.


1. Everybody enjoyed the party very much on Saturday.

2. Correct

3. He had heard the day before that his mother had died.

4. I am really getting sick of it! You are never on time.

5. Correct

6. Correct

7. She never phones me. I’m always the one to call her.

8. But I was reading the newspaper yesterday, when she actually rung me.


1. D: You meet somebody new, interesting, perhaps even somebody you find exciting.

2. E: Your chatting partner checks his watch and excuses himself to somewhere else, across the room.

3. B: Being open to new ideas will provide you with the most satisfying conversation possible.

4. C: The ability to listen first is the most important component in having a good conversation.

5. A: After a good talk you can walk away satisfied and even a little more enlightened.


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