On cloud nine, A letter of complaint, If I were in your shoes

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On cloud nine, writing 1

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29 December 2002

Dear Jessica

How’s life treating you? It’s all good here. I have been to Austria in the holidays. It was fantastic in Austria. I went with some friends of mine. You know Patrick, I have told some stories about him. We have traveled by train. It was a long trip. It was Patrick’s idea to go to Austria, because he loves snowboarding. When we arrived in Austria we went directly to our hotel. It was a pleasant hotel. The second day I have practice snowboarding and my skills are extremely improved. I’m almost better then Patrick. And he’s good. When we were finished we decided to go sledding. After some minutes and a few bruises, I met Heidi there. She is an Austrian girl and her mother is a ski teacher in Sankt Johann. So we started talking and it worked out pretty good. So the rest of the week we spend together. But everything comes to an end and so I had to go home, but we decided to keep in touch. But of course you must be curious how she looks like. She has blonde hair with blue eyes. She loves soccer, just like me, and she can ski very well. She also has a lot of humour, and speaks English very well. But most I like of her is that she is so spontaneous, and of course she is drop dead gorgeous. But enough about me how is it going with you and your boyfriend? Did he have a nice holiday to? I have had a good time in Austria. And the next holiday I also want to spend with skiing and snowboarding. And you said Sweden also got resorts for skiing. So next year I come to Sweden, but do you know some good cross-country skiing resorts?

I look forward to your letter, because I don’t got internet anymore. So you have write me a letter back.

I hope you will reply soon,


A letter of complaint, writing 3

92 High Street
Great Manchester W1N 5DF

Unijet Travel Agency
47 Chalk Farm Road
Camden Town
London NW1 8AM

27 December 2002

Dear sir/madam

This year we booked a holiday at your travel agency to the Caribbean because we wanted to get married there. One of your agents told us it would be a dream wedding. We had the option that you would arrange a photographer there, so we did not have to arrange it there. But the photographer screwed up our wedding photos. The photos were blurred and not how it supposes to have been. So we had no option but to organize another ceremony 2 days later.

This costs us a lot of money but above all, the smiles on our faces on the good photos are unreal. Also because the witnesses were already on a flight home before the second ceremony the persons on the photos are totally different people. Also our first kiss as a man and wife is not on a photo visual.

So we had to pay more money then we were intended to because you hired an amateur photographer. That’s why we want to claim 3000 pounds. Not only for the financial damage, but also for the mental damage.

I hope to hear from you soon and I hope this case wont get to court.

Yours faithfully

Tracy and Gary Lloyd

If I were in your shoes, writing 1

Adress ..... .....

27 December 2002

Dear Jessica

I am sorry I did not answer your previous letter how you wanted it to be, but I was in a hurry so I did not have time to make a better letter.

I am sorry for you that your grandmother died. I only have one grandmother left so I know how you are feeling. Hope you don’t feel to bad about it because old people just die.

I’ve read that you are going to study for 2 years. What are you going to study? I think something with economics because I think you’re the type for that.

I think you should quit with your girlfriend because of the new lady you have fallen in love with. If you really like her so much, why haven’t you quit with here already? I don’t think you should do something with that new girl when you haven’t broken with your present girlfriend yet. Because when she finds out that you have been cheating on her, she might tell everyone in your neighbourhood and that would spoil your reputation. So I think you should brake up right now.

I have to make a lot of homework to, especially for English, I definitely have to make the most with that. I think homework should be forbidden.

At the moment I am redecorating my own room. I changed the colour of the walls to white, instead of now it is blue. I also moved the couch to another room. And I have bought I new closet because my clothes did not fit in anymore. I am not finished yet, but I am pleasant with how it is going.

I can’t come to Sweden next summer because I have to work then for my college next year. I would love to come, but I think my education comes first. Thank your parents for their kind invitation.

I hope to see you in real life soon.

Yours faithfully



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