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Malcolm Young
13 Ripton Road
Portsmouth AG7 7TU

Dear Malcolm,

You told me you hate commercials and you asked me for my opinion. Well, I think sponsored television can’t be stopped. TV Producers need the money to make new products and for buying broadcasts so that people want to see the TV stations. I think that is hard because of the enormous amount.
I also hate the commercials. Always when a film or a show is getting exciting there is going to be a commercial. That makes it hard to immerse oneself in the show you’re watching.
Between two programmes are commercials no problem at all, but I can be irritated by al the brand names that be showed on your screen.
When a kwality programme is getting anounced with: ‘this programme is brought to you by...’ you just ignore it en enjoy the programme.
Influence of sponsored television is getting bigger and bigger. I think that is a shame. Levels of some programmes are extraordinary low like a Dutch show called ‘Lekker slim’ or the American programme ‘Pimp my ride’. And I have seen them so many times by now. You always see the same faces. Concurrence is good, but the non-sponsored telvision is getting worse. Some non-sponsored TV station even have to quit. Influence from some channels is growing. Happily. And I meen programmes like Discovery and National Geographic. So I think we can be very optimistic about the future.
Well, I hope you get my point, Malcolm.

Hope to hear from you soon,




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