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The Winslow boy door Terence Rattigan

Beoordeling 4.5
Foto van een scholier
Boekcover The Winslow boy
  • Boekverslag door een scholier
  • Klas onbekend | 332 woorden
  • 11 augustus 2000
  • 8 keer beoordeeld
Cijfer 4.5
8 keer beoordeeld

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Boekcover The Winslow boy
The Winslow boy door Terence Rattigan
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Meer informatie
The Winslow boy
Terence Rattigan
1. The Winslow boy: England, 1912. Arthur Winslow and John Watherstone are discussing the marriage of Arthur’s daughter Catherine, a suffragette militant, and John Watherstone, the son of an army general. When Ronnie Winslow suddenly comes home from the Naval College at Osbourne, then there must be something terribly wrong. It seems that Ronnie has been accused of stealing a postal order of 5 shilling and cashed it at the post office. That is why he is expelled from the Naval College. Arthur Winslow, the proud father of Ronnie, is deeply shocked by this event, and asks his son of he stole the money. Ronnie said he didn’t steal it. Arthur beliefs his son’s is innocence. He wants to prove his innocence by hiring an expensive lawyer, Sir Robert Morton. Sir Robert Morton is a conservative, and so he is opposed to women’s suffrage. Ronnie gets al the help he needs from his entire family, especially from his sister Catherine who puts her feministic beliefs out of the way to help the lawyer and her brother. She even let’s her marriage come in the way, because John Watherstone isn’t allowed to marry Catherine by his father, who doesn’t believe Ronnie’s innocence and wants Ronnie to be punished. Let right will be done….. 2. Terence Rattigan: He was born in 1911 and died in 1977. He was one on the few British play writers who succeeded in making a very comfortable living from his work. He had nineteen plays produced in London between 1936 and 1977, all of which were very popular. However, from his schooldays Rattigan had wanted to be taken seriously as a play writer, and that he had a desire for criticism as well as popularity with audiences. 3. Criticism: -This book really appealed to me. Exciting conversations fulfil the story and make “The Winslow boy “ and fun and easy-to-read book. Rattigan didn’t make the book complicated. This is certainly something most people would enjoy.


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