The snapper door Roddy Doyle

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Boekcover The snapper
The snapper door Roddy Doyle
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Booktitle: The Snapper.
Author: Roddy Doyle.
Published by: Vintage.
Year of publication: 1990.
Present a summary of the novel using no fewer than 200 words and no more than 300 words. Use grammatically correct English and check your spelling before handing in the report. Write your own answers. Do not copy from the Internet!
Use paragraphs to structure your text.

The Rabbitte family lives in Barrytown in Ireland. There are eight people in the family: Mom (Veronica), Dad (Jimmy sr.), Jimmy jr., Sharon, Darren, Les, Tracy and Linda (they are twins).
In the beginning of the book Sharon tells her parents that she’s pregnant, but she won’t tell who the father is.

At first she won’t tell anyone else that she’s pregnant, but after a while she tells it the rest of the family and her three best friends Jackie, Mary and Yvonne. But she doesn’t tell them who the father is either.
Sharon’s father Jimmy sr. goes to a pub a lot. One of his friends, Bimbo, tells him that George Burgess, Yvonne’s father, said that Sharon was a great little ride. Jimmy sr. is very angry and tells it to Sharon.
She says she doesn’t care, but she goes to Mister Burgess. She says that if he says anything about her again she will tell ‘it’ to Missis Burgess. This is the point in the book where you find out that Mister Burgess is Sharon’s baby’s father.
A few days after this accident Mister Burgess walks away from home. He sends Sharon a letter that he wants to see her, but Sharon will not see him.
After a few days, Missis Burgess receives a letter from her husband. He tells her that he has had an affair with a younger girl and that she’s pregnant. He says he loves his wife but that he also loves the girl. Missis Burgess makes a connection with Sharon and soon the whole village knows. Sharon denies it and says the father is a Spanish sailor.
Everybody believes her except her father. He is thinking everybody is laughing at him because Sharon is pregnant.
First he ignores her, but if Sharon says that she will go away, he is frightened and he begs her to stay. He buys a book about pregnancy and is more nervous than Sharon.

A few days after this, Sharon gives birth to a daughter, Georgina, but Sharon calls her George. She looks like Mister Burgess, but Sharon doesn’t care.
So eventually everything works out.
SETTING: Time and Place
Explain in this part where the story is situated and when the story takes place (e.g. in the 1980s). Explain the relevance of these facts for the story.
Also provide a quotation (=citaat) to illustrate your point. Make sure you explain why the quote illustrates your answer.

The length of the story is almost nine months. It begins with Sharon telling her parents that she’s pregnant and it ends when she has given birth to her baby.
The story is told chronologically, but there is one flashback. That’s the scene that Sharon has sex with Mister Burgess at a party. She doesn’t mention his name, but later you know it was Mister Burgess.
Quote: page 1
- You’re wha’? said Jimmy Rabbitte Sr.
He said it loudly.
- You heard me, said Sharon
Jimmt Sr was upstairs in the boy’s room doing his D.J.practice. Darren was in the front room watching Police Academy II on the video… Sharon was pregnant and she’d just told her father that she thought she was. She’d told her mother earlier, before the dinner.
This quote illustrates the moment that Sharon tells her father that she’s pregnant. It is the begin stadium of her pregnancy. At the end of the book she gives birth to her baby. So the length of the book probably takes up around nine months.
Quote: page 215-216
Sharon was able to look at her in the crib there without having to lift her head. That was nice.
…… She lifted her hand – it weighted a ton – and wiped her eyes.
- Ah, said the woman. – Were yeh cryin’?
- No, said Sharon. I was laughin’.
This bit declares how long the period was in this book. She finally gave birth to her healthy daughter after about nine months. The length of the story is almost nine months.

Provide an explanation for the title. Don’t forget that book-titles should be printed in italics! Also provide a quote to illustrate your point. Make sure you explain why the quote illustrates your answer.
The book is called The Snapper.
Snapper is another word for a baby (or a baby with an unknown father). The whole book is about that, so it’s a logical title for this book.
In the book you can also read that Jimmy Sr. and/or one of his mates calls the baby a snapper.
Quote: page 66
- Not at all, said Bimbo. – It’s stupid.
Bertie agreed.
- Thick, he said.
- It’s only a baby, said Bimbo. – A snapper.
Quote: page 80
They looked around. There was no one looking at them.
Bimbo put his glass down.
- Sure, that’s wha’ we were put here down for. To have snappers.
Explain the way the book ends. Focus on the real ending, especially the final sentence and possibly even on the final punctuation. Try to find your explanation for the ending of the novel you are analysing.
Also provide a quote to illustrate your point. Make sure you explain why the quote illustrates your answer.

While reading this book report I am sure you have noticed the book was all about Sharon’s pregnancy and the evaluation of that. How did her environment react on the fact that she was pregnant?
At the end of the book Sharon gives birth to her baby. It is a girl. A girl with red hair.
Now everyone knows that the baby really is the daughter of George Burgess. But Sharon doesn’t care.
Quote: page 214 – 216
If you read these 3 pages in total it makes the end scene.
Sharon is at the hospital so she will be secured of a good child-birth.
The nurse, the nice one, wiped Sharon’s face.
- Th-thanks. –Will it hurt anny more?
- Not really, love. We’re nearly there now.
It was the woman in the bed beside Sharon.
- Yeah, said Sharon. –Thanks; I’m grand.
She lifted her hand – it weighted a ton –and wiped her eyes.
- Ah said the woman. –Were yeh cryin’?
-No, said Sharon. –I was laughin.

Explain the point of view in the novel: is it first or third person. Third person point of view can be specified into omniscient or limited point of view.
Also provide a quote to illustrate your point. Make sure you explain why the quote illustrates your answer.

The point of view of this book is: Third Person, limited point of view.
The reason why I chose for this option is because of the fact that the author only wrote about a person when the person was really there at the moment.
For example: Roddy Doyle did not write about things Sharon did or do at the moment that Jimmy Sr. was in the pub. He divided/separated all those moments.
Quote: page 164
-Ah, said Jimmy Sr to the twins. – There yis are. An’ there’s Larry with yis/
He bent down and patted the dog’s head.
--He’s growin’, he said. –He’ll soon be makin’ his communion. Yis must be thirsty after your camogie, are yis?
--Yeah, said Linda and Tracy
Now you’ve seen that it is written in the third person. The author writes the name down when someone speaks. I haven’t seen something in this book where he wrote: I was not conscious of what happened at that moment, so I walked on towards home.
Roddy Doyle would write it this way: Sharon was walking home, not knowing what was happening, and so she walked on towards home. And that is written in the third person, limited point of view.
Explain the theme. The theme of a novel is really the answer to the question: 'what is the author really trying to tell us? What message is the author trying to get across?'
Do not confuse this aspect with the subject of the novel, though the subject can lead you to the theme.
The theme should be described not specifically, but more in an abstract way: do not write that a man is cheating on his wife (subject), but that the novel's theme is about the moral choice between honesty and dishonesty.
Also provide a quote to illustrate your point. Make sure you explain why the quote illustrates your answer.

The main themes are:
- The despair of being pregnant from a married man.
Sharon doesn’t really care she’s pregnant, but she can’t tell anyone who the father is and she hate’s that.
- Acceptance
While reading the book you find out that it is not as easy as you think as it is to accept that someone is pregnant. You read that Jimmy Sr has difficulties with accepting the pregnancy.
- Taboos
Sharon has made up that her baby is from a Spanish sailor so she doesn’t have to tell anyone that the baby is actually from Mr. Burgess. Everyone is believing all sort of lies.
The smaller themes are:
- Childabuse
The fact that people think and see that Jimmy Sr. sometimes slaps his children because they almost never listen.
- Pregnancy
Of course it is actually important that Sharon is pregnant in this book. But how further you get in the book, I got the idea they paid less and less attention to the pregnancy. They paid more attention to the question who the father was and how it all happened.
These both themes are more about the social-cultural mores.
Just like Sharon decided to say that the baby is from a Spanish sailor.
She chose to believe her own, more acceptable truth. She created a reality that is more social acceptable.
Only provide information on the author if this information leads to a better understanding of the novel. Write no more than 100 words. The fewer the better.
The author is born in 1958 in Dublin, the city where he also grew up.
He studied to become an English and geography teacher, and did this work for fourteen years.
By being a teacher he got to know a lot of people. And because of the neighbourhood he lived in, he saw that behind the face of an aggressive person there can be a lot more. He decided that he wanted to tell this to as many people as he could.
He wanted to do this by writing.
Now most of his books are about Barrytown, because that is a village that he could compare to his own town where he lives and works. So that is the relationship between the book and the author.
Despite all the quarrels, the Rabbittes are a tight family. Although Father seems to ‘slag off’ his children again and again he is also fiercely protective of them. Trace family relations and the way in which the various Rabbittes react to each other, and write a conclusion about the cohesion of the family. Include in your essay how Sharon’s pregnancy both threatens and (at the same time) tightens this cohesion.
By reading the book I indeed found out that the Rabbittes are a tight family.
I have been thinking about the relations between the family members:
Mom (Veronica), Dad (Jimmy sr.), Jimmy jr., Sharon, Darren, Les, Tracy and Linda (they are twins).
Veronica is the wife of Jimmy Sr. They can argue loads, but sometimes you can still notice the sparkles they have in their eyes and/or hearts.
Veronica loves her children. And in the book I noticed she paid extra attention to the twins. By making them dresses and stuff for their hobbies.
Jimmy Sr. loves his children as well.  Although he slaps them often, that doesn’t mean that he does not like his children. He coaches Darren with cycling, drives Sharon to work etc. He does a lot for his children.
The kids: Jimmy jr., Sharon, Darren, Les, Tracy and Linda (they are twins).
While reading the book I found out that Jimmy Jr. and Sharon got quite a good relationship. He talked more and more to her by asking her questions and stuff. Something that secretly meant a lot to Sharon, I’m sure.
Than you have Darren. A boy with a passion for cycling. He adores his father, he is his great example. Darren is very loved by his dad as well. Darren was not allowed in the cycling club anymore, because people found out Sharon was pregnant and did not think it was appropriate to let Darren stay on the cycling club.
Les is not much in the house, he is out very much. I didn’t read much about him actually. So I can’t say if he had good relationship with one of the family members.
Than you have the twins; Tracy and Linda. Two typical girls. They like dancing, laughing, yelling etc. etc. They change their mind every week about what they want to do as their hobby. They love their parents, and their parents love them as well, but sometimes the twins drive Veronica crazy. Because of the girls their hobby Veronica keeps on making them special outfits to dance in (or what kind of hobby it is). But as soon as those costumes are ready they already found a new hobby to do.
Sharon and Jimmy Sr. have a good relationship in this book. Although it sometimes changes because of all the thoughts that Jimmy Sr. has. He is ashamed about his daughter because the whole town knows about her that’s she’s pregnant, and even though Sharon says that the baby is not from George Burgess, Jimmy Sr doesn’t want to believe her. This problem takes care of some weird situations between these two. But as further as you get in the book, you notice how much love there is. Jimmy Sr does his best to know as much as he can about pregnancy and wants to support Sharon as much as he can during the pregnancy
The Rabbittes are a bit of a strange family. They sometimes strangle each other, but eventually they’ll forgive each other and show how much love there actually is in their hearts.
It goes without saying that every analysis has to be rounded off with a conclusion. In it you make final remarks and comments that you have not been able to give under any other category, as well as present your own opinion about the novel. Whether you enjoyed reading the novel (or not) should of course be accompanied by an explanation.
Provide at least one favourite quote from the book and explain why you chose this particular quotation. Simply stating that you liked or disliked the book is not enough!
You should write at least 150 words.

The Snapper is a book that you need to read when you are in a bad mood.
Read this book and your day will be fine again. There is so much humour in it!
Also the way the story goes. As you start reading the book, you are immediately in the middle of the story: the moment that Sharon tells her dad that she’s pregnant.
What kept my interest in this book is the way it was told. The whole book actually consists out of dialogues. You can read and see how other people think and feel about the pregnancy and about the fact that the baby would be from Mr. Burgess or from a Spanish sailor. Dialogues are very important for me to have in a book. I love to read the dialogues because those are the things where you can get the most laughs from. Also the environment around all the dialogues. I love the bit in the book where Jimmy Sr. is coaching Darren and his few friends on the bikes. Just because of the way Jimmy Sr. is handling the situation and at the same time talking to someone else. Just great!
Some great quotes from this amazing book:
Quote: page 153
Now was as good a time as any.
-What, —, Jimmy Sr. started.
Bertie, Bimbo and Paddy paid attention.
-What, said Jimmy Sr, —is hard an’ hairy on the outside—
Bombo started giggling. Hairy was a great word.
—is soft an’ wet on the inside—
They were laughing already
—Begins with a C –
—Oh Jaysis! Said Bimbo
— end with a T, an’ has a U an’ an N in it?
They sat there laughing, Jimmy Sr. as well.
Paddy knew he was going to be wrong.
—A cunt, he said
— No, said Jimmy Sr. – A coconut.
They roared.
The reason why I love this quote is just because of the humour. It is really the humour I like and what I would say as well. When I read this bit I had a great laugh!!
So that says enough about my humour and about the importance of humour for me in a book.
Quote: page 59-60
Bertie sniggered.
Bimbo was spinning the umbrella.
—Mary Poppins, said Jimmy Sr.
—Who? Said Bimbo. —Oh yeah.
He held the umbrella up in the air and sang.
Paddy squirmed, and looked around.
—LIVE WITH THE SOUND O’— no, that’s wrong. That’s not Mary Poppins.
— Do your Micheal O’Hehir, said Jimmy Sr.
— Ah, for fuck sake, said Paddy. — Not again. All o’ them horses are fuckin’ dead.
This bit I liked as well because of the humour. To be honest with you it is because of the bit of Mary Poppins and the singing in it. It is just fantastic. I could really see it all happen in my fantasy how those men would be singing the songs in the middle of that pub. Just fantastic.


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