The lion, the witch and the wardrobe door C.S. Lewis

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Boekcover The lion, the witch and the wardrobe
The lion, the witch and the wardrobe door C.S. Lewis
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Title: The lion, the witch and de wardrobe
Author: C.S. Lewis

Who are the main characters in the story?
Peter, Lucy, Susan, Edmund

Give a description of each character?
Peter is the oldest boy of the four children. Mostly he is the hero of the children. When all the children get their own weapon, he get a sword. He’s also called the son of Adam.

Lucy is the person who discovered the wardrobe. She’s also the first person who get in Narnia. So sometimes, she means to know everything better than the others, but she is also a very sky girl, who don’t say a lot.

Susan is the oldest girl of the four children, she is always very carefully and is worried about her little brother. Sometimes she looks like a mother for her sister and brothers. She is also called the daughter of Eve.

Edmund is a very stupid boy. When lucy had discovered the wardrobe, he goes into it too, but he don’t know Narnia is a very dangerous country. He is going to the White Witch, a very bad person, but he don’t know she is. He’s is also the youngest child in the story.

Imagine that you were one of these characters? Which person would you like to be and why?
Susan, she is the oldest girl in the story, a very strong girl with an own opinion. She is very emotional and loves the animals

Which part of the book did you like best?
When the battle begins against the army of Aslan (with peter, susan, lucy and edmund) and the army of the White Witch.

What kind of story is it?
It’s a fantasy story. It’s going about four children who are going to another world; Narnia. In Narnia, they have to save the world from the White Witch, a very dangerous person. But they will be helped by Aslan, the great Lion who was the king of Narnia long time ago.

What’s the main idea of the story?
I think it is that even if the enemy so strong, if they are wrong, and you’re staying good, you will win, even if it is difficult, but you will win.

Can you explain the title?
Yes, the lion, the witch and the wardrobe; the lion is standing for Aslan, the old king of Narnia. His enemy is the White Witch, who had captured Narnia. The wardrobe is standing for the four children, who came into Narnia through a wardrobe.

What’s the most important event according to you? (explain)
I think the most important event is that Aslan and his army has won the battle. In the whole story, it’s going about the dangerous White Witch and how she must be ‘deleted’. When it’s so far Aslan came, and in the battle, they win. I think that’s where the whole story is going about, so that’s the most important event.

write 10 difficult words in English with the translation in Dutch.
Parcels - pakjes
Inquisitive - nieuwsgierig
Entrance - binnenkomst
Sobs - snikken
Get fussing - druk worden
Scramble - klauteren
A foamy waterfall - een schuimende waterval
Approached - benaderde

Are there any flashbacks? (mention one)
Yes, there are flasbacks, but not a lot. but there is something other very funny about the time in the book. When the children are in Narnia, the time is going very fast, so if they’re back in there own country, they think they’ve been away for a very long time, but it’s just a minute or hour. “ what I said.” Answered Lucy. “ It was just after breakfast when I went into the wardrobe, and I’ve ben away for hours and hours, and had tea, and all sorts of things have happened.” “don’t be sily, Lucy,” said Susan. “we’ve only just come out of that room a moment ago, and you were there then”.

in each book you have all kinds of people who have had some very important changes in their lives. Do you know a person who also had a major change in his / her life? (explain)
In this book it are the four children who had a major change in there live. They did only believe in there own country and not in the fantasy country Narnia. But when they have been there, they are very different persons as first, because in Narnia they get Queens and Kings, and the grow up, so when the come back, they have lived a lot of ages in the Narnia and had learned a lot.

Write an outline in Dutch.
Narnia, the land beyond the wardrobe door, a secret place frozen in eternal winter, a magical country waiting to be set free. Lucy is the first to find the secret of the wardrobe in the Professor’s mysterious old hous. At first, her brothers and sister don’t believe her when she tells of her visit to the land of Narnia. But soon Edmund, then Peter and Susan step through the wardrobe themselves. In Narnia they find a country buried under the evil enchantment of the White Witch. When they meet the Great Lion, Aslan, they realize they’ve been called to a great adventure and bravely join the battle to free Narnia from the Witch’s sinister spell.


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