The farmer wants a wife door Maeve Haran

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Boekcover The farmer wants a wife
The farmer wants a wife door Maeve Haran
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The farmer wants a wife
Title: The Farmer wants a wife
Author: Maeve Haran

Main Characters:
Flora (Flo) Parker: In the beginning, Flo has long blond hair, but she cut them off and now she has pretty short, mouse brown hair, her own colour, and hazel eyes. She lived in London but she moved away from all the problems to her aunt’s farm. Her father lives in America and she doesn’t have a lot of contact with him since her mother died. She is sassy and stylish with a big mouth and she act before she thinks.

Hugo Moreton: Hugo has dark hair and is blue eyed. He is the opposed to his brother’s fallen angel perfection. He is two years younger than Adam and he went to collage. He thinks of others and is careful.

Adam Moreton: Hugo’s brother. He has blond hair and green eyes, he’s like an Adonis. He is fun, breezy and easy going and he thinks mostly of himself.

Other important persons are Miles, Miranda an Mattie, her niece.

Setting: It took place in London but mostly in Maiden Moreton. This book is written in this century and it also took place in the twenty-first century.

Flora is sassy and stylish with a mouth as big as Wembley Stadium and a tendency to act before she thinks. She wakes up on a morning next to a man called Miles. After she found out that she ended up on the front page of a newspaper in her Wonderbra and not much else she decided to go to her aunt’s house on the country to look for a little meaning in her life. There she met Adam and Hugo. The uncle of Adam and Hugo made a bet, who got married before Michaelmas got the farm. Otherwise he would sell the farm. Adam and Flo started flirting.
Flo found out that it was Miles who put her picture on the front page. Miles want her to become the face for whisky called Blackmills. She took the job because of the money so she could help her uncle and aunt and their children with their sheep farm because they didn’t have the money for it. She became very good friends with her niece Mattie.

She slept with Adam and he asked her to marry him. She first asked more time but later she agreed to become Adam’s wife. She had to go back to London for the photo shoot. Miles made a picture of her naked under the shower, but she didn’t know he took it. He sent a men’s magazine called Upfront to Adam’s place and in that magazine you could see Flo naked. Adam wasn’t upset at all, but Hugo was very angry and he went to London and found out that it was Miles who made the picture. He goes to Miles, and Miles told him that Flo would hurt him too.
The wedding came closer and closer and Flo asked Miranda, her best friend to be her maid of honour. And Adam asked Hugo. At her wedding day, Flo’s father showed up in the church which made Flo very happy. But at the altar, when the vicar wanted to marry them, she said no. She said that it didn’t feel right and that they didn’t love each other. Adam said that she was in love with Hugo (which was true) and that he didn’t care because than he would marry Donna, a woman who worked at Angel’s bar. She was pregnant of his child.
After the wedding, Hugo lived for about a week at Miranda’s place, they had a sort of relationship. But Miranda knew that Hugo thought about Flo and that he loved her so she let him go.
Hugo found Flo leaving and he asked her to marry him. Flo said yes because she loved him. There were two Michealmasses, the early one, in September, and the later one in October. So they got married and got the farm because Adam and Donna went to Spain. And Hugo’s uncle didn’t say that it had to be the early Michealmass.

Love, money trouble, competition, desire, betraying, trust, friendship, helping each other.

Personal Opinion:
This book was very funny but at the other side also about very serious subjects, like money problems, friendship, trust etc.. I liked it very much because of the subject, it is a romantic comedy so there is love, sadness, happiness, all in one. I has also a good and pretty ‘closed’ end, you know everything is alright.


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