The farmer wants a wife door Maeve Haran

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Boekcover The farmer wants a wife
The farmer wants a wife door Maeve Haran
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This book is about the difference between the city-life and the countryside. You can act differently when you’re in a place you don’t know.

The story mainly takes place in a rural village in England, called Witch Beauchamp. It happened in this age.

Main Characters:
- Flora (Flo) Parker. She moved from London to Witch Beauchamp, because she didn’t like the life in the city anymore. She’s almost 30 years old.
- Adam Moreton. He lives in a farm in the neighbourhood from the farm where Flo is going to live. I think he’s about 35 years old.

- Hugo Moreton. He’s Adam’s brother, and he lives in the same farm. Hugo is 2 years younger than Adam.

When Flo Parker is done with living in the city, she decides to move to another place. She knows that her aunt and uncle live in the country. When she was younger she thought it was a really nice place to be. So that’s how she moves to Witch Beauchamp. Her aunt Prue thinks it’s okay that Flo is going to live there for a few months, so a few days later Flo moved to the farm of aunt Prue and uncle Francis Rawlings. Her best friend, Miranda, doesn’t like it really much, but she can’t do anything against it.
Flo was picked up by the neighbours of Prue and Francis. On their way to Witch Beauchamp Flo hears that one of them can receive the farm of their uncle if they’ll be married in about five months, before Michaelmas. Otherwise their uncle will sell the farm.
When Flo arrived at the Rawlings-farm she meets her two nieces: Veronica and Mattie (Matilda). In the first days living at the farm, Flo discovered Mattie is the kindest one. The first days at the farm weren’t really nice, because everyone had to get used with Flora living in their house. Flo couldn’t wear pumps anymore. She thought she was too proper for living on the farm, so she thought that if she cut off her hair and wore other clothes she would be more part of the family. She was already changed a bit with living on the farm. Actually everyone is happy with this changes.
When Flo is living on the farm for a few weeks, Miranda visited her. She brought Miles with her. Miles thought Flo was his girlfriend, but actually Flo didn’t like Miles at all. Flo once were a model in a magazine, and Miles managed that. But Miles and Miranda left quite soon.

Flo became more and more part of the family. When her uncle is coming home late one day, no one is really worried. When her uncle got home, it took very long before he came inside. Flo took a look, and when she came at her uncle he tried to commit suicide. Because Flo was on time he survived it.
The reason that uncle Francis tried to commit suicide was that they had a money problem. Because Francis wasn’t feeling well about that he drank too much in the pub, and then he wanted to kill himself. Flo wanted to help. When she heard from Miles that he had another job for Flo for in a magazine, she first didn’t want to do it, but when she hears what she’ll earn she realised she could help uncle Francis and aunt Prue. So she told Miles that she’ll do the job. A few weeks later the pictures would been taken
In the meantime she became very good friends with Adam. When Adam asked Flo to get married with him she first had to think about it a few times, because she didn’t know him very well. But quite quick she decided she wanted to get married with him, but she also thought not everyone had to know it immediately. When everyone was all together in the pub the next day, Adam couldn’t keep it for himself, and so he told everyone he was going to marry Flo. Flora didn’t know in the beginning that Miles also was in the pub. Of course he didn’t like the news.
Flo and Adam thought it was time for Flo to meet Adam’s mother. Pamela. Flo doesn’t like her very much, because she asked too much about her life. She didn’t want to tell her mother died because she had cancer when Flo was eighteen years old, and that she hadn’t seen her father for a very long time after her mother died. Pamela doesn’t see that Flo finds it hard to talk about, but Hugo, Adam’s brother, saw it, and he apologised for his mother.
When Flo came home she had a good talk with her aunt. Prue thought that she had to invite her father, otherwise Flo would regret it when she was older. She also told Flo that her mother (Prue’s sister) would be proud of Flora.
And so the management for the wedding had to be done. When the magazine with the pictures of Flo could be bought there were other pictures in it then Flo thought. She didn’t even know this kind of pictures were made. Hugo was very angry with Flo, but Adam didn’t really mind. Adam believed that Flo didn’t know these pictures were taken, but Hugo didn’t believe it, and he did some research. He went to the publisher of the magazine, and they told Hugo that Miles was responsible for those pictures. In the meantime Hugo had a relationship with Miranda.
A few weeks before Adam and Flo would be married, Donna, Adam’s ex-girlfriend came to Adam to tell him that she was pregnant and he was the father. First he wanted to tell Flora, but every time he wanted to tell her someone asked him something.
A few days before the wedding aunt Prue is worried about Flo. She tells her that she thinks Flo has to be sure to get married with Adam, and that she had to make clear for herself why she wanted to get married with him. Flo knows sure that she wants to get married because she loves Adam. But there was another problem: she didn’t hear anything from her father. She was a bit disappointed, because she hoped that he would come.
At the day of marriage Hugo was late. When they don’t expect anymore he’ll come they went to church. Now her father wasn’t there, uncle Francis would give Flo away. But right at the moment they wanted to walk in the church Hugo came with Flo’s father.
When the vicar asks the church who doesn’t want Flo and Adam will be married Flo realises that she doesn’t want to get married. Adam got mad, and he told Flo that she wouldn’t get the farm of his uncle anyway, because now he would get married with Donna.
After a good conversation with her father, Flo knew she didn’t fall in love with Adam, but with Hugo. The story ends that Flo and Hugo are having plans to get married.

Personal Opinion:
This book was the best English book I read this year. At the first place because it was really funny, but in the second place that it weren’t just funny jokes, but there was a story too. The dialect that some people had in the book were very funny. Some farmers didn’t say “says” but “sez”. And so there were other things.
When you read chapter one and chapter 24 (the last chapter) you wouldn’t think that Flo could be changed that much.


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