Knights and castles door David Maule

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Boekcover Knights and castles
Knights and castles door David Maule
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Knights and castles by David Maule
The background:

It takes place a long time ago. The time of knights and castles.

The book:
The book is about history. I think it is a realistic story because life was like this before.

The persons:
Thomas, he is the main character.
The baron, he is the bad guy in the story.
Lord Henry and his women, the parents of Thomas. (Thomas never know them.)
Lady Elaine, she felt in love with Thomas.

Baron and Sir Henry are enemies for years. Then baron attacks Sir Henry, because he wants the castle from Sir Henry. At one night, a couple of Lord Henry's men went from the castle to the Baron and begs secretly to the Baron to let them live. He does but only if they ensure that he comes in the castle. The Baron killed Lord Henry and his woman. Their son Thomas, little more than a baby, were carried by Mary, his nursemaid, trough a secret by and out or the castle. Thomas grows up by her. When he's 7 he's going to a knight school. When he was 14, Thomas became a squire. This meant that he worked for a knight. It was hard work but he enjoyed it. He became a knight when he was 20. Then he had to fight. He immediately felt in love with Lady Elaine and they became man and wife. Later they get permission to build a castle. And they live happily ever after.

The title:
In my opinion it’s a very good title because the title says what the book is about.
The whole book is written about knights and castles so I really don’t know a better one.

My opinion:
I didn’t like this book because I don’t like battles, fights and I don’t like history.
If you like history you’ll probably enjoy Knights and castles. But if you don’t than I can’t recommend it!

Extra exercise:
Dear Thomas,
How it feels when you have no parents? And how is it to kill people? I think that’s both terrible. But you’re very brave! I think you’re a smart man.

Live a long life with Lady Elaine.
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