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Title: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Sort of work: - book

Number of pages: 607

Brief summary:

the story begin in the office of the prime minister from england. Everybody believes Voldemort is back. Strange accidents and murders are already happening across England. The minister of magic has talk with te prime minister about the situation. The prophecy that harry is the chosen one is the biggest item in the daily prophet, althoug they’re speculating. Dumbledore takes harry to the burrow, where he will spending the holiday. Dumbledore asks a fabor of harry. He takes harry to horace slughorn to persuade him to com out of retirement and start teacing again, it’s succeed. Dumbledore and harry went tot the burrow where he wil spend the rest of the holiday. Dumbledore told that only harry and himself know about the prophecy but he be allowed to tell ron and hermien, and he says more he told that harry get lesson from dumbledore, only harry. Harry informs ron an hermien of the probphecy wich states that either he or lord Voldemort must have to die, because the can’t exist toghether . The schoolyear begins almost, in that way it’s time to buy stuff for school. They also see draco malfoy, who’s doing his schopping with his mom. Later the see him alone, he act very mysterieus and suspicious and they tail him, but they can’t find what’s draco hide. Harry has a bad feeling about this, ron and hermien doesn’t care. At hogwart, has snape the function he always want, defence against the dark arts teacher. Slughorn teach potion from now. That’s good for him, because he wants to be an auror, for that he need potion and slughorn makes no problem for him. But he hasn’t count on that he get potion, and now he hasn’t a book, but he get a book from slughorn. He is unhappy with this book it’s scrabbed full with notes but later he detect that the book is very skilful it helps to make potion. Hermien doesn’t liked the book because she doesn’t knew who has made that book. She detects that the owner before, has the name Half-Blood Prince. The potion was very difficult, he earned a bottle felix felicis, with felix felicis you get luck. At dumbledore’s lessons get harry memories about Voldemort. It helps killing Voldemort. Harry think that draco must be a death eather because he act very wierd. During the excursion to hogsmead, somebody tries to sneak a dark artifact into the school. A student touch the necklace and ends up in the hospital. Harry suspect that droca tried to smuggle the nekleca inside but nobody believes him. Harry heards that snape and draco talk about the task and the unbreakable vow. Harry thinks that draco must be a adark eather. Harry saw at the lesson of dubledore how Voldemort killed his dad an grandfather and how he asks to slughorn what he knows about the horcruxes. Harry gave kreacher and dobby a task what contents that they most tail draco. Harry saw at the lesson of dumbledore how Voldemort asked of he can be a teacher of defence against the dark arts but dumbledore refuse, after that rest a curse on that function. Harry heards what is an horcruxes, it’s an object where you put a part of your soul and Voldemort has also put his soul in seven horcruxes. So long the horcruxes exist Voldemort can’t die. So the task for harry is: destroy the last horcruxes, dumbledore promise to destroy the last horcruxes together.” Why the last” ask harry? Dumbledore says :”because i destroyed the other six”.

An couple days later, harry most come to dumbledore because the look for the last horcruxes. They went to an island. At the island, dumbledore must drink a potion otherwise he can’t find the horcruxes but dumbledore became very weak, and that’s the reason to go back to the school. At school they see a sign of Voldemort they go to the castle and there they see draco. Draco snatch dumbledore’s weapon. He says that the task was to kill dumbledore, but he’s afraid to kill dumbledore. But snape comes and kill dumbledore and the death eathers went back, harry tails them. Underway he sees how snape attacking hagrid, in vain. Snape told that he was the half-blood prince because his mother called prince and his father was a muggle that way half blood prince. afther that the dead eathers attacking harry they leave. Harry found a horcurxes but it was fake. Ginny brought him to the hospital. The only deads are dumbledore and a dark eather. One horcruxes is still concerning and harry most destroyed the last one. He broke up the relation with his girlfirend ginny and tolds to everybody that he maybe doesn’t come the nest year because he look for the last horcruxes.


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