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Doe mee

In the first third of the book, the planning of Bond’s assassination and humiliation takes place. The Russian Secret Service wants a real intelligence coup, and hands this task to Bond’s inseparable enemy, SMERSH. SMERSH decide that their chief assassin, the brilliant and evil Donovan ‘Red’ Grant will carry out the killing, but only before Bond has slept with a Russian agent while on tape, the bait for which was the prized SPEKTOR decoder. The idea is that Grant will kill Bond and the girl, Tatiana Romanova, before releasing the tape, making it seem like Bond killed himself and Tatiana following some kind of sordid sexual tangle.

Everything goes pretty much to plan, as Bond and Tatiana seduce each in Istanbul other before making love in front of a hidden camera. Bond and Tatiana take the SPEKTOR (which is booby-trapped to explode on inspection by MI6's top scientists) and board the Orient Express to Europe, pursued by various KGB operatives. Bond, and his new friend Darko Kerim, head of Station Turkey, kill all but one of the KGB men, but Kerim and the remaining man kill each other. Grant then makes contact with Bond, misling into his trust by posing as a British agent, and explains the whole plan to Bond after subduing him and Tatiana. As Grant finally shoots Bond, 007 deflects the bullet with a book and a cigarette case, and Grant is shot dead by Bond in the ensuing fight.

In Paris, Bond attempts to apprehend SMERSH’s Rosa Klebb, but is tricked by her and stabbed with a poison-coated blade. Bond topples to the floor as he loses consciousness. Only in Dr No do we learn that Bond survived, thanks to a fortuitously nearby doctor who dealt with the Fugu poisoning. Rosa Klebb was eliminated shortly after, and the tape had been destroyed


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