Find her, keep her door Z.L. Akardi

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Boekcover Find her, keep her
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  • 16 september 2015
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Boekcover Find her, keep her
Find her, keep her door Z.L. Akardi
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Find her, keep her is a book about the travel writer Daisy Blanchard. She was on a break with her boyfriend Adrian when she found out that he was engaged to her best friend Maya. The worst part is that she found out through a Facebook status update. This is why she needs a little break from her life. That’s why she accepts an assignment in Martha’s Vineyard. She meets the handsome and charming businessman Belmont Lord and he’s very persistent to get Daisy’s attention. Belmont won’t let her go and they fall for each other. But then the two people Daisy wanted to see the least suddenly appear at Martha’s Vineyard. This is when she finds out Belmont kept a secret from her. The love affair has suddenly come to an end and the question is if Daisy and Belmont will stay together.

Main characters

Daisy Blanchard

The main character in the book is Daisy Blanchard. She is a travel writer and she is really hurt because of her ex-boyfriend and formal best friend. She is a very passionate woman and she falls very hard for Belmont Lord.

Belmont Lord

Belmont Lord is a wealthy businessman who is also a world traveler. Belmont is described in the book as a very handsome man and he is very sweet and charming towards Daisy.


Maya was Daisy’s best friend before she got engaged to Daisy’s (ex-) boyfriend Adrian. She tried to talk to Daisy, so that shows that she can be sweet and did not mean to hurt Daisy. But Daisy did not want to talk to Maya and deleted her message.


Adrian is just like Daisy, a writer. He writes television sitcoms.

He was on a break with Daisy when he got engaged to her best friend. Daisy explains in the book that Adrian complained a lot about Daisy travelling so much for her work. She also says that writers are the worst verbal communicators on the planet, and Adrian and Daisy seemed to confirm that.

Explanation of the title

The title of the book is Find her, keep her and I refers to Belmont who finds Daisy and if he is going to stay with her after she finds out his secret. So he found her, and the question later is if he is going to keep her or stay with her.

My opinion

Dit wil je ook lezen:

I think this is a really nice book to read. There is a lot of romance in it and you can’t really expect what is going to happen next. There were some difficult words in the text, but after you know the translation of the word you can just keep on reading and the story flies by.

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Processing task 2

Fragment herschrijven

Het fragment dat ik heb gekozen om te herschrijven is het fragment waarin Daisy in een café zit en ze  Belmont Lord ontmoet.

So now I’m sitting here in front of an empty piece of paper, alone at a table in a nice little restaurant. When I stepped out of my carriage and paid the driver I decided to forget about Adrian and Maya and to start thinking about myself. I need to stop wondering what about what would have happened if their parents didn’t want them to get married and if Adrian would still be with me then. I am going to focus on writing my first book and I hope that I can find the inspiration here in Martha’s Vineyard. “Could I offer you a beverage madam ?” I hear all of the sudden. A young man is standing next to my table, he is well dressed like a nobleman. I don’t have time for a conversation, I want to continue writing on my book. So I answer to the young man : “Well, thank you for the offer but I don’t need a beverage.” The man does not give up so easily he keeps standing beside my table and says “But miss, you don’t want to dehydrate here is Martha’s Vineyard, it can be very hot sometimes so you have to keep drinking enough. I insist on buying you a drink” Well, he is really eager to giving me a drink. Maybe I should just except his offer and let him buy me a drink. “Alright sir, you can buy me a drink if you want to but I do want to know whom I am getting this from. Thank you miss, I am Belmont Lord.”


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