Wist je dat je de boeken Examenbundel, Examenidioom, Zeker Slagen! en Samengevat ook heel goed kunt gebruiken bij het voorbereiden voor je schoolexamens?! Ze zijn momenteel in de aanbieding bij o.a.

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The story is about the life of a 19-year old girl. Her name is Eveline. She lost her mother and her brother Ernest. Her mother died because she was ill. She had promised her dying mother to keep the house together.

Eveline would leave her parents' house soon.

She want to go away with her lover Frank and leave her father and the two younger children. Because she has a lot of problems; she is afraid for her dad, and she has money-problems.

After this long flashback she must hurry. Because the ship with Frank wil leave the shore soon. She didn’t know what she must do. Stay home or go with Frank to Buenos Aires. Finally, she clings to the iron railing and does not want to follow Frank anymore.

Main characters

Eveline Hill, is 19-years old. And she has problems with her father. She has also got money problems.

Frank is a sailor, and he is very kind, manly and open-hearted. He loves Eveline very much.

Setting + time

I think they live in the 18th/19th century because it is written in that time.

It takes place in Ireland because there was a man from belfast.


The title is Eveline because the story goes about the live of eveline.

Own Opinion

I did not like this story because there was no adventure in it. Also I did not understand it very well because it was written on a strange manner. I had to read it three times.

Buth I think Eveline did a good choice because she didn't want to break her promise from her mother. She followed her heart, and that was the best.


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Fijn dat je een samenvatting hebt geschreven, maar ik vermoed dat je hem in het nederlands hebt geschreven en daarna vertaalt sommige zinnen zijn niet engels correct (bijv. 'on a strange manner' . Maar alsnog bedankt!

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