Diary of a mad bride door Laura Wolf

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Boekcover Diary of a mad bride
Diary of a mad bride door Laura Wolf
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Title: Diary of a mad bride
Author: Laura Wolf
1st edition: 2001
Company: Orion

The book takes place in modern times in Manhattan, New York. That is clear because sometimes Amy talked about her home in Manhattan and shopping in New York.
Amy is an ordinary girl, she certainly isn’t rich or famous or something.
It isn’t a familiar situation to me, because Amy is older than me, she is 30, she works and she’s getting married.

The outside looks very attractive and typically for ‘chicklit’. I liked the pictures on the outside; the weddingdress, the flowers, the shoe and the ring. And after I read the summary I definitely liked the story. When I don’t like the outside and the summary, I won’t read the book, so of every book I have read, I liked the outside.

The book is the diary of Amy Thomas, a 30 year old brunette who is an editor of a magazine called Round-Up. In the beginning, Amy’s friend Mandy is getting married. Amy is one of her bridesmaids. Mandy is obsessed with her wedding and she can’t talk or think about anything else. However, Amy never wanted to get married. But then her boyfriend proposes her, in the concession line at a movie theater. All of a sudden Amy can't wait to be married. Amy does decide however that she isn't going to be like her friend Mandy and panic and obsess about every little detail. She starts out with a simple To-Do list, confident that she doesn't need a wedding planner or any help. But, how predictable, she turns out to be as worse as Mandy. With a budget of only $10.000 she has to organise her dreamwedding.
Everything goes wrong: she can’t find a decent caterer, she neglects her job and furthermore, it appears her mother saved her weddingdress for her. Very nice of her mother, but the dress is the ugliest one Amy has ever seen.
So there are many problems and little time.
But, of course, in the end the wedding is perfect and Amy can look back at a busy, hilarious time.

The main characters:
· Amy Thomas : 30 years old, works as an editor for Round-Up, a magazine. She’s quite happy with her ordinary life until her boyfriend proposes her. Amy is the main character, it’s her diary you read, and so she is a round character. You know her thoughts and emotions, and you follow how she changes.
· Stephen Stewart : Amy’s fiance. He develops new software for computers and in the weeks before the wedding he is very busy with new software so he can’t help Amy very much. He isn’t a flat character because there are many things told about him. So he has to be a round character.

· Kate : She is Mandy’s secretary. But she also has many things to do which have nothing to do with her job, like calling florists and caterers for Amy’s wedding. She is 21, a huge fan of the Backstreet Boys and she likes Kate Spade bags. Kate is a flat character, she doesn’t develop in the story.
· Mandy : One of Amy’s best friends, she is getting married with Jon. Amy is one of her bridesmaids. Mandy’s is very spoilt because her parents are rich. Her wedding was perfect and sometimes she helps Amy with her wedding. Mandy is a round character, she’s pretty important in this story.
· Nicole : Amy’s sister. She is already married with Chet, but in the end of this story the break up. That’s really hard for Amy because she always saw Nicole as an example. Nicole is a round character; many things are told about Nicole, and the relationship between Nicole and Amy.

I think I would have done the same things as Amy did. Like when Amy is searching for the perfect bridal shoes, I think I would also search for weeks, and then finally find the right shoes in the first shop you went to. In general, I think I would be as obsessed like Amy with all the tiny details of my wedding.

It’s a diary, Amy tells everything, so the point of view is ‘I’. It’s funny, because you know what Amy thinks, what she wants to do and what she really does. If someone else, for example Mandy, had written this diary, you wouldn’t have known many essential and entertaining things.

There aren’t any chapters or parts. Or actually, every piece Amy writes at a date is a chapter.
The story is told chronological and so there aren’t any flashbacks. She doesn’t look back or something to the time before her wedding.
The end wasn’t very predictable, except that the wedding was going to be perfect. But before and at the wedding happen some unpredictable things you never could have predicted.

Actually, the title explains the whole story. The story is the diary of Amy, who is getting married. She doesn’t want to be an obsessed ‘mad’ bride, but still she turns out to be a very ‘mad’ bride who can’t stop thinking or talking about her wedding.
In my opinion, the title is okay. I don’t think there is a better title for this story.

This story is about getting married and all the problems you’ve got to deal with as a bride-to-be. Because it’s about a wedding, it’s also about love and about jealousy. Amy is jealous at Mandy, at her sister Nicole and at a female colleague of Stephen.
The story is also about the fact that most people want to do everything right, or better, perfect. Nobody likes to fail. And so does Amy. She wants every little detail to be perfect.

I like this kind of books, so it didn’t matter I had to read it in English and for school. The story was well written and easy to read. I actually can’t name any bad qualities. It wasn’t the best or funniest book I have ever read, but it was okay.

‘’For a person who’s not engaged I find myself thinking about marriage a lot. Which can’t be healthy. It’s like thinking about an insulin shot when you’re not diabetic. ’’ (page 18) These sentences explains that Amy was already thinking a lot about weddings and the comparison is funny and unexpected.


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