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Dead in the freezer

Tim Vicary


5.4 / 10
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  • 31 maart 2005
Death in the freezer by Tim Vicary.
Publisher: Oxford Bookworms.

Plot: It al begins with an ordinary family in America. There is a little girl Ellen, she lives with her parents a happy life, until sheís six years old. Than her brother all was born, and all the attention goes to the little baby. Her parents love Al the most. Thatís why Ellen doesnít like him at all. Sheís very jealous about him. After a few years there mum died, and when Alís 21 their father died to. At that moment Alís a rock star who has a lot of money. Ellen is a poor nurse and has a boyfriend John. But John has also other girlfriends at the same time heís with Ellen. They have 3 children. Everything goes ďnormalĒ until on one day, All has to go on a tour. He asks Ellen to watch over his house and clean it while heís gone. Sheís very disappointed because she thought she could live in the house at the same time. A few days before he left he asked Ellen to steel some clean drug in the hospital for when heís on tour to play better music. And she did it.
When Al came back he was changed he looked very sick. He had aids and was addicted to drugs? He also met new friend, Linda and Alan Future. It were strange people. It were businessmen who are specialized in the science of freezing people. Because Al was rich and sick, Linda and Dan wanted to do an experiment with him. They wanted to freeze him and if he ďwoke upĒ after a few years maybe there would be a cure against the aids virus. In the mean time Alan and Linda would take care of Alís money and his house. When Ellen found that out she was so mad the she decided to kill her brother and hair all his money. She was content to a prison punishment.


Al: he is the principal person in the story. He plays in a rock band, and heís a very rich person who donít care about his father neither his sister.
His was born when Ellen (his sister) was six years old. Their parents cared well for Ellen and Al but they loved Al the most. After a few days they didnít care a thing about Ellen. Al became the favorite of the family Shore.
After 5 years their mother died, and when Ellen was about 21 their father died too. He wasnít married and had no girlfriend at that time, so he stayed a while with his sister. While he was staying there he didnít need to pay a rent or anything else. He became popular with his band and earned a lot of money, he bought a lot of expensive things like a porch and a jaguar he bought also a huge house. One day he and his band moved on a tour and Ellen needed to stay and watch for the house and she must clean it. He took drugs to play better music, and before he left on tour he asked to steal some clean and safe drugs. When he came back, his skin was thin and was sick, he also was addicted to drugs. While he was one tour he met new friends, it where businessmen: Dan Future and his wife Linda. They worked in the Cryonics Company. The Cryonics Company is a company that is specialized in the science of freezing people. Al is infected with the aids virus, and wants to be frozen so he can sleep until the found something against the virus so he can be cured. In the freezer his live ends because of course when you freeze someone on a temperature of Ė196į you die.

Ellen: Sheís also a principal person in the story. Ellen is a young girl who is very resentful against her brother. Sheís failed in the live and thinks no one loves her and she has a huge inferiority complex. She works as a nurse in a hospital. At home she has a boyfriend (John) who has two other girlfriends and she has tree children with him. The other girlfriends have also children of John. Ellen lives a difficult live because of John and her tree children, and she earns a few of money. When she was six years old her brother Al was born. Before her brother came her parents loved her and they played with her and bought her clothes and doles. But when Al came they didnít see her anymore. Al was their favorite and they played only with him. Ellen was very anger about it and she played with her doles alone. Her mum bought her a squirt and she played ďhospitalĒ. She loved the game because she imagined that the doles where Al. And they where sick, and she couldnít help them and after a few dayís they all died, just like she wanted it to happen with her brother. She really hated him. After a few years her mum died, and her father only cared about Al and he started to drink. Ellen became 18 years old and she started to date guys. On a day she came home with John and she wore a very short dress. Her father was drunk and he didnít want her to go out in sedge a dress, John fighted her father and they left the house. Ellen never turned back. After a few mounds her father died on a heart attack. Al came living by Ellen and the kids, he became successful and rich but he never bought anything for Ellen. She must cook and clean the house that was her job. After Al came back for a tour he was sick and addicted to drugs. But still he was mean to Ellen and he had made new friends, Dan and Linda Future. One day on Alís birthday Ellen stopped by to celebrate him. But the only thing she found was an empty house. When she walks through the house she found a freezer in the basement, and in the freezer: Al. Behind her stood Linda and Dan and they explained the whole story. Linda and Dan would also take care of the house and his money. Ellen was furious because she couldnít get anything of the money and she would stay poor. Ellen had the key of Alís house and one night she had a dream. She going to kill Al, al she has to do is put out the plug. And so she did. Only she made one mistake, she touched the car of the Futureís and the alarm rang. The police had cached Ellen for trying to steel the car. And she was condemned for murdering her brother by giving him not clean or safe drugs. The squirts where found in his bed with the fingerprints of Ellen.

Linda and Dan Future: Businessmen who are specialized in the science of freezing people, the people who had killed Al.

Theme (s) This book is about people who are very jealous about eatother.
Ellen is very angry with her brother. Also death is a theme, her brother dies at the end of the story.

Time: The exact time isnít given, I suppose itís in the future because they can freeze people and in the mean time Al isnít dead.

Space: The story is happened in America, by and American family.

Community they are living in: In the beginning itís an ordinary family, but after a few years Al becomes very rich and successful, but in the mean time Ellen is very poor and unhappy.

Own opinion: I think it is an ordinary book. And itís quit easy to read. Interesting subject and a little bit scientific.

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heel goed verslag! ik moet er ook zo een maken van school van het vak engels!
door jonathan (reageren) op 6 januari 2009 om 15:02
fijn ik moet ook een verslag maken maar dan veel moeilijker! maar hier heb ik wat aan gehad!
door Lois (reageren) op 8 november 2015 om 14:33


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