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Tutankhamun was born in 1354 before Christ, in Amarna.
When Tutankhamun was 9 years old he became Pharaoh of Egypt.
Tutankhamun ruled in the years 1345-1336 before Christ.
He was the son of the former Pharaoh, either Amenophis 3 or Amenophis 4. The researchers are still not sure of this.
He had to be king, at this time, but he was too young and he had no experience.
Because of this, Eje ruled for him for a cuple years.

Tutankhamun’s real name was Tutanchaton but he changed in Tutankhamun because he believed in the god Amun.
Tutankhamun was married with Anchensenpaaton. She also changed her name in Anchesenamon, because she also believed in the god Amun instead of Aton. They didn’t get children because Anchensenamon had 2 miscarriages.
Tutankhamun collected many things. He collected walkingsticks; he had over 130 different sticks in all sizes.
He also had a lot of clothes. He sometimes wore shirts. Tutankhamun painted his eyes daily with charcoal.
Rich people wore gloves. Tutankhamun had about 27 pair.
He also liked riding war chariots, swimming, fishing and hunting. This was discovered at paintings on his grave. His coffin shows 4 different scenes with the King hunting.
Tutankhamun was not very healthy and died when he was 18 years old. The researchers don’t know exactly how Tutankhamun died.
He had a wound on the left part of his skull, the researchers don’t know whether he died because of that wound or not. He was buried on the west bank of the Nile in the Valley of the Kings.

After his death, Anchensenamon had to marry within 70 days, because the new Pharaoh should accompanie Tutankhamun to his grave.
Anchensenamon married Eje after a few month’s delay.
Eje was buried in Tutankhamun’s orignal burialplace.
Then Horemheb took over the throne and distroyed all monuments of Tutankhamun.

As soon as Tutankhamun became Pharaoh, they started building his tomb.
Because of his early death, his tomb wasn’t ready. He was burried in a small tomb.
This gave the tomb protection of discovery until 1922, when Howard Carter discovered the grave.




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