London Guide (Architectuur)

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Tower of London

This is the Tower of London. It’s in London near the river Thames. In the past there were cells, but new it’s a museum for tourists. It’s built in about AD 1078, so it is very old. It’s a famous for the Beefeaters, ravens, the Crown Jewels and ghost. The Beefeaters don’t really eat beef, but they guard the Tower. People say that there are ghosts in the Salt Tower…

Tower Bridge

This is the Tower Bridge. It’s a bridge over the river Thames from 2301 metres long!!! The bridge was ready in 1894 AD and in that time was it the only moving bridge over the Thames. Sir Horace Jones designed the Tower Bridge and Sir John Wolfe Barry built it.

St. paul's Catherdral

This is the St. Paul’s Cathedral. Sir Christopher Wren designs it. In the past there was already a St. Paul’s, but the Big Fire destroys that. This is the new St. Paul, but new it’s called the St. Paul’s cathedral.

Big Ben

This is the Big Ben. A lot of people think that the tower is called the Big Ben, but the bell in the clock is called the Big Ben. The tower is called Great Clock of Westminster. In 1844 AD the parliament decided that the two new building from the Houses of Parliament should include a tower. The bell from the GcoW cracked a few times, so once the clock was out of order for about 3 years. After that, a lighter bell was placed, because the other one was too heavy.

Westminister Abby

This is the Westminster Abbey. It’s the most famous church in London. Everybody knows it as Westminster Abbey, but the real name is ‘The Collegiate Church of St. Peter’. The Westminster Abbey is used as a Coronation church since 1066. William the Conqueror who was the first king that was crowned here. Almost every King or Queen is crowned here, in the Westminster Abbey.

London Aquarium

At the south bank of river Thames, near the Big Ben is the London Aquarium. It’s very famous. As the name says, you’ve got very much aquariums inside. There is a route were you can see the whole museum. There are two area’s were you can tough the animals. You can see a lot and it’s very interesting.


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