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Guardian Industries began in 1932 as a small fabricator of windshields for the automotive industry. In 1970, Guardian began to manufacture flat glass using the float process at the then-new plant in Carleton, Michigan. The float process produces a ribbon of nearly perfect glass by "floating" molten glass on a bath of liquid tin. At the time, Guardian was the first company to enter the U.S. primary glass manufacturing business in 50 years. Today, the company operates around the world. Since the opening of its Carleton plant, Guardian has added 19 new float lines throughout the world and has started or acquired more than 20 glass fabrication plants.In 1981, Guardian became a globally competitive company when it entered the Western European float glass market with a new plant in Luxembourg. Guardian further expanded its European market penetration in 1984 when the company purchased a Spanish sheet glass plant and converter it to a float line in 1988. A third European plant was constructed in Luxembourg in 1988. In 1991 construction was completed on a new plant in Orosháza, Hungary, marking one of the largest U.S. investments in Eastern Europe. Guardian opened a new automotive glass factory in Luxembourg in 1993 and, during that same year, began operations at its fifth European float line, located in Tudela, Spain. In 1996, Guardian began operations at its sixth European float line in Thalheim, Germany - a significant investment by a U.S.-based company in the former East Germany.In the 1990s, Guardian expanded beyond Europe into other parts of the world with the construction of joint venture float plants in Venezuela, Thailand and India, and the coordination of glass distribution centers in Brazil, Japan, Argentina, and South Africa. Other 1990's activities included the construction of a new float glass plant in Geneva, New York, the opening of a distribution center in Mexico and the inauguration of a fifth fiberglass plant in Kingman, Arizona.

1.Manufacture = fabriekaat

2.Ribbon = lint, strook
3.Liquid = inhoudsmaat voor vloeistoffen
4.company = gezelschap
5.Throughout = de hele dag door
6.Acquired = verwerven
7.competitive = concurrerend
8. penetration = scherpzinnigheid
9.Converter = omvormer
10. investments = geldbeleggingen
11.Float = drijvende massa
12.Significant = veelbetekenend
13.Beyond = hiernamaals
14.Distribution = versprijding
15.Inauguration = installatie

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