Raad jij de studie?

Waarschijnlijk heb je al wat studies op het oog. Maar heb je echt alle studies overwogen? Grote kans dat je wat toffe opleidingen over het hoofd ziet. In deze video gaan Lauren, Lin & Marit raden welke studie wij zoeken! Misschien is dit ook wel wat voor jou?

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The kilt and the bagpipe

The kilt is a type skirt and is weared by the men. In the 16e century the men wear a ‘breacan feile’. The breacan feile were 4,5 at 1,5 meter long. The people at the highland weared them every day. The rich people weared the ‘triubhas’.

In 1800 there a smaller format arose. The scottish people called them the feile bag or phillibeg. The real shot wears the kilt with a leather case (the sporran) a beret (the balmoral), the sock(`skean dhu) and kiltshoes. These days, the kilt is only still wearied on holidays by some people.

Many people wonder themselves, or the men under the kilt really have on nothing. This different by Shot. Some find it normal to wearing nothing under the kilt. That does them probably concerning proudly. Other men wearing tight pants under the kilt, but it’s for scottish people strange if you wearing coloured pants under the kilt.

The bagpipe or the highland pipes is an instrument. People think that the bagpipe were used, in the mounts report long distance to each other to send.

Later it was used as a music instrument.

The bagpipe is an instrument that exists from a pocket of leathers, where blows put in. The pocket where air is, pressed the bagpipe player under he’s arm, so there comes a tone in one of the bourdon-pipes. A good, Scottish bagpipe costs average 1,100 euro. The bagpipe is sold most then as a object that the people put down in their houses.


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