The racoon

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"Hij was echt die meester die iedereen voor de klas wil hebben"

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The Racoon

If chose this subject because I have a cuddly toy of a racoon and I like racoons. It was very hard to translate in English but I learned very much of this worksheet.


The racoon has a striped tail and a striped head (black and white) and the belly and the back are brown. The racoon moves like a hyena: first his front legs and then his hint legs. Racoons make a high wheezy sound and in the pair time a low jellying. The racoon feels very soft because he has a pelt. Racoon’s run away when a human comes too close. A racoon can
observe by smelling fragrances.

2. Live and Live
The racoon lives in nature in a forest with a river, the racoon lives everywhere on the world. There are trees and bushes where the racoon lives. In the surroundings of the racoon live all the animals that live in a forest. The enemy’s of the racoon are the fox and the wolf. the racoon is an enemy of insects and shell animals. A racoon lives in a hole. If a racoon lives close to human he lives in a cage.

3. Trough the Year
The racoon is a night animal: at night he searches for food and at the day he sleeps. The racoon pairs in the spring, searching for food in the summer (for his winter sleep), make a hole in the autumn (also for his winter sleep) and in the winter he sleeps. Racoons can be 15 to 20 years old.

4. Alone or Together
The racoon lives alone and not in a group

5. Food and Drink
A racoon is an omnivore but the most of the time he eats insects and shell animals. Racoons search for insects near dead trees and search for shell animals by fishing with their hands. The racoon uses his front legs to pick his food and than he eats the food. The racoon keeps his food in a hole.

6. Young Animals
The man of the racoon’s pairs with different women but the woman of the racoon pairs with 1 man. The racoon gets babies like a human and not in an egg. The young animals are drinking milk by their mother until 7 weeks than they get insects. The young animals are going with the hunt when they are 10 weeks old. A hole and their parents defend the Jung animals. The young animals play with each other by fighting and running after each other. The young animals are chancing when they grow, they get a pelt. The young animals are staying until 4 month by their parents then they leave.

7. Human and Animal
The racoon is a part of the Procyoninae. Racoons are very useful because he eats insects and mice so that there won’t be too much insects and mice. Humans protect the racoon, because there are less racoons at this time. The racoon is protected specie. Sorry but I could not find the ancestors of the racoon.


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