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Blood in the cellar…
Task A Chapter 5

We went to the cellar. We came into the cellar and felt the cold breeze that was coming from the open window. We closed the window and sat down on the floor. We waited for a sign, but there was nothing. We decided to go back to our bedroom.

When we were in our bedroom we made a plan. That night we would go to the cellar again and would conjure up ghosts. I didn’t like it at all. I was a little bit scared, but the others reassured me. We went to our beds and waited till everyone was asleep. It was 3 o’ clock in the morning and at that time we went to the cellar. It was very exciting.

When we finally were in the cellar the window was open again. I was freezing because I was only wearing my pyjamas. We sat in a circle and in the middle stood a glass and a candle. We were conjuring-up the ghosts. I was scared, because I felt a ghost around me.

We put the letters of the alphabet in the circle too. We put our hands on the glass and I asked: ‘Who are you?’ Then the glass moved. H-A-N-N-A it said. I was shocked. We asked another question and another and another. At last we asked about the old blood stain on the floor. But then she was gone. We tried to make contact again, but it didn’t work. But now we still don’t know anything about the legend of the old blood stain on the floor in the cellar…




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