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Woman fights for her life as suburbs burn

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  • 20 augustus 2008
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My talk is about Woman fights for her life as suburbs burn By Adam Sage. the article is from the times at October the 30.
A Senegal woman was fighting for her life after three youths set a bus on fire. It was the last outbreak of violence in the suburbs in France. The woman was trapped when the gang smashed open the doors and douses the interior with a flammable liquid. The woman had 60 percent burns. Three people are going to the hospital with smoke inhalation.
the president of France Jack Chirac expressed horror . it was the ninth firebombing last week in France. the witness said that the youths permission to board the bus between stops. They attacked the vehicle at the same place on its return trip.

last year there were disturbances too in the suburbs in France. That was about 1 year ago because there were some people died. The youths switched on buses, cars and school. In france was last year a curfew. The impact of 12 days violence was 1 dead 1 badly injured
much cars on fire put 1500 arrests 17 condemnations and 12 agents with a wound. There was violence in the next places: Rijsel, Rennes en Toulouse and Paris. There are always violence in Belgium, Spain, Germany and Denmark. This is a picture were the violence in 2005 was in Paris.
the France police described the suburbs before the violence as relatively calm but now it is rough there.
Most of the recent violence has been the work of gangs.
this week there are in suburbs in Paris 4000 policemen more then the 7000 that there always.
My opinion is that what the youth did was falt must talk. The police must punish them with a bad punishment. When the youth are angry. They aren’t dissolved it with violence. Thewith the people they are angry. A curfew is a good idea, because the youths couldn’t outside in the evening and then is the violence. I think that the france youths must stop with the brands. If I were the president of France now, I'd create a curfew. I hope that the violence are above.
This was my talk


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