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Engels voetbal

The favourite sport of the English people, where I want to tell you something about, is English soccer, For this sport there are two names. The people call it soccer or football, Wherever in the world you are, the Football League is known and respected. In one week 450 million people in 152 countries do watch the English Premier League.

The history of English soccer:

On 26 October 1863 eleven clubs send representatives to the Freemasons Tavern in central London. They had a common aim. They wanted to find a form of rules by which the fast-emerging game of football could be played. It was decided that a ‘football association’ should be formed. The purpose of this association was settling a code of rules for the regulation of the game. An annual general meeting was called for the last week of september - thus setting the beginning of the traditional football season.

Not all those present gave their backing to the movement. Charterhouse, one of the ‘great schools’, agreed with the broad aims of the association , but Captain BF Hartshorne felt he had to wait to caught the reaction of others before giving up their own brand of the game. Harrow, too, were initially unwilling to change their rules . But when the Football Association rules were finally agreed upon in early december, they were based on that school’s understanding of how the game was played. Than the Premier League was set up. There are many divisions in England, division 1, division 2 and so on. The highest English division is the Premier Ship. The highest wages for playing football are payed in the Premier Ship
The best teams of England are playing in the Premier Ship. Here you can find the best players with the highest wages. It is one of the best competitions of the world,

Last season Manchester United was champion of England. Ruud van Nistelrooy of the Netherlands was the Top Scorer last season . He played for the champion Manchester United and made 24 goals. Second best was Beattie of Southampton, he made 23 goals. Third place was for Thierry Henry of Arsenal, he made 22 goals.


Soccer is a game that is played between two teams. Each team has got one goalkeeper and ten players in the field. The meaning of the game is to shoot the ball in the goal from the opponent. The ball may be played by foot, head and other parts of the body . But not by the hands and the arms. The game takes 2 times 45 minutes. Between those 2 parts is a break of 15 minutes The game is led by an arbitrator who is called referee. The referee is as- sisted by two linesmen. Those three people have to look neutrally at the game . They have to watch if the players are playing according to the rules. A goal is scored when the ball has crossed the line in the goal of the opponent goalkeeper. After a goal the teams have to put the ball back at the centre spot. After a goal the team that didn’t score gets the kick of . In case the ball crosses the sideline, there are serveral possabilities. The ball can be thrown or can be kicked back into the field. Sometimes you may kick the ball right at the goal. If the opposition commit an offence, the other team can get a free kick somewhere on the field or right before the goal. This last kick is called called a penalty. If a player commits a serious offence the referee punishes this player whith a yellow card. In really hard situations the player becomes a red card. When a player has become a red card ,he has to leave the field. The game then goes on and his team has to play the rest of the game whith one player less. When a player becomes his second yellow card he also has to leave the game. A player who isn’t playing well or who has been injured can be changed for a new player. The coatch of the team decides if a change is nessecery. Only when the ball is out the coach is allowed to make a change. The referee must agree with the change and he has to controll the shoes of the new player.

I like it a lot to watch English football in the weekends.

This was my talk. Are there any questions?


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