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Spreekbeurt Engels: turnen

Hello everybody,
I’m going to tell you a bit of one of my sports: Gymnastics. I have chosen this subject because it is just my favourite sport and I thought that was easy to talk about. I’m going to talk about the history, acquaintance Netherlanders, kinds of Gymnastics and at least something about the clothes you can wear.

First, a little bit of history of gym. Gymnastics is an activity that already exists for more than 3000 years. The Egyptians liked to build human pyramids and doing tricks but the Greek people were the first who saw a real sport in gym, and they liked to organize competitions. That’s how the Olympic games came about. When the Romans conquered Greece, they saw in gymnastics a military exercise. With the fall of Rome gymnastics disappeared till 1700, when a man named Frederik Jahn invented gymnastics again and now it is one of the most practiced sports in the world.

Now I’m going to talk about acquaintance Netherlanders. First the ladies:
Verona van de Leur, about her I couldn’t find much only that she start with gymnastics at her 9th, Suzanne Harmes, at a age of 5 year, a scout has discovered her. She was going to train more and more. So she became a great gymnast, she could at a age of 6 already make an about-turn. That’s a turn aroud the bridge of 360 degrees.
The most Populair Gymnast of the boys is Yuri van Gelder.
Yuri is in his normal life he work in the army as sergeant, but he train as hard as every other top gymnastic. The best apparatus of Yuri is the rings. Last Friday he has lost his title as the specialist at the rings. In 2008 he wants to get a Olympic title.

Now I’m going to talk about the part of kinds of Gymnastics, Artistic Gymnastics, Rhythmic Gymnastics and Wheel Gymnastics. First something about the Artistic Gymnastics. Artistic Gymnastics is just the Gymnastic you see at television. Just the regular apparatus. Rhythmic Gymnastics are al kind of gymnastics at the apparatus the floor. With a ball, a ribbon and with a hoop. The ball, ribbon and the hoop are never used at one time they use one thing and that is the thing they use at the competition. Now something about the Wheel Gymnastic, maybe you have seen them in the circus. The wheel that they use looks like a ladder. But then it is round. They are turning with the wheel and do tricks on it.

The clothes you can wear. First I start with the clothes of the boys. If you don’t train really high, you wear a little short with a t-shirt. If you train higher than regular in Dutch we say: in de selectie. Then you wear long trousers and a parcel without sleeves. For the girls you only wear a parcel of your club you can wear a trouser. But at the competition you can’t wear trousers. Than there are points subtracted from your total at that apparatus.

This was my presentation. Is there someone with a question?


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