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The south of England

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Spreekbeurt: The south of England -Caesar came 54 before Christ with an army near Walmer and beat the Brittanni. That's a Celtic nation. The brittanni mainly lived in the south of England. But Caesar couldn't settle down. In the end of the 18th century there was a collapse of the textile industry and decay of the harbours. -Cornwall is the most westerly county in England. They also call Cornwall 'rough toe of granite'. The landscape is a little mountainous. Formerly there was much mining, especially tin-mining. Therefore you still see mining buildings. You can also see many cromlechs and prehistoric monuments. There is a subtropic climate. That means the summer starts early and it last until the autumn. That's because of the warm gulfstreem. Cornwall is a fishingplace grown into a tourist centre. The extreme south-west is Land's End. It's a tourist look out, but if you expect too much, you can be disappointed. -Devon is a county in the south-west of England. A big part is heath and waste ground. The most earnings come from agriculture, cattle breeding and tourism. There is cow- and sheepbreeding and winning of porselain-clay. Dartmoor and Exmoor are situated in Devon and are also subtropical. They are walking areas and national parcs. Plymouth and Torquay (the English Riviera) are the greates tourist centres. -The isle of Wight belongs to Great-Britain and it is situated in The Canal. At the south coast are chalk-cliffs. The Needles are chalk-cliffs, those rises from the sea. The tourism is big. That's because of the mild climate. Wight is also an industry centre.




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