The mummy

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I do my speech about the mummy! When you think of a mummy what comes to your mind? Most of us usually picture an Egyptian mummy wrapped in bandages and buried deep inside a pyramid. A mummy is the body of a person (or an animal) thet has been preserved after death. Mummification in Egypt was a very long and expensive process. From start to finish, it took about seventy days to embalm a body. The art of Egyptian mummification consisted of many steps. First the body was washed. The next step was to remove the person's inner organs. A slit was cut into the left side of the body so that the embalmers (that are the persons how mummified a body) could remove the intestines, the liver, the stomach and the lungs.Each of these organs was embalmed using natron(that's kind of sold)wich served to dry out the organs, and they were put in 4 stone bottles. These four bottles where could the four sones of hores. 1)Oebesenwef the falcon head watched over the intestines. 2)Dwamoetef the jackal haed wached over the stomach. 3)Hapy the baboon head watched over the lungs

4)Imsety the human head watched over the liver. After the removal of the inner organs, the body was stuffed with natron. The brain was then removed using long hooks. Since the Egyptians considered the brain unimportant,it was probably thrown away. The body was then placed on an embalming table and completely covered with natron, wich also served to dry out whole the body so that it wouldn't moulder(vergaan)This part of the process took about forty days. Whole the body was empty so that's called a cavity,the head and body cavity were stuffed with packing. The mummy was then prepared for bandaging. The body was adorned with gold jewels and protective amulets. Fingers and toes were covered with protective gold caps. Arms and legs were also wrapped. Then the entire body was wrapped to a depth of about twenty layers. The embalmers used resin(that's clue from trees) to glue the layers of wrappings together. The wrapped head was covered with a mummy mask. Finally,the last layer of bandaging went on and was given one last coating of resin. The mummy was ready for burial. They put the mummy in an coffin(een doodskist).That coffin had the shape of a human. If the dead person was very rich his body was also laid in a beautiful coffin. Often that coffin was put in another coffin,somethimes the body was put in five coffins. Animalmummies
The Egyptions believed in many differend Gods. And they believed that animals where the messengers from these Gods. Many animals where very holy. That's why the Egypsions also mummified animals like: cats, crocodils, fisch, falkens and even snakes and bugs. Somethimes an animal was just the favourite animal from the dead one and they kild that animal and also mummified it so that it could company the dead person.




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