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The Beatles and John Lennon

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The Beatles
When you talk about the Beatles, most people think about the four members: John, Paul, George and Ringo. But almost nobody knows that the Beatles originally had five members and Ringo wasn’t one of them. In 1958 John Lennon had started a little school band. The were named ‘The Quarrymen” because there school name was ‘The Quarry Bank School’. The band had every time new members and olds left the band. By the end of the year a guy named Paul McCartney joint the band. They weren’t very successful. Ultimately there were 3 members left. They changed there name in ‘Johnny and the 'moondogs’ and instead of folk music the played a different style of music. A friend of John Lennon, Stuart Sutcliffe, joined the group, most because he had money to buy a bass guitar and he had good looks. They changed their name in ‘The silver Beatles’ that became eventually ‘The Beatles’. In 1960 they were offered to perform in Hamburg in the local clubs. After the first tour Stuart Sutcliffe at the bass guitar left the group. He was more interested in arts. Paul took over the bass guitar. After the second tour they had the chance to record the first single. Back in Liverpool they were becoming famous. But outside Liverpool nobody knew them. In 1962 they were offered their first record contract. The first song recorded was ‘Love me do’. At that time they realized that their drummer wasn’t good enough. The new drummer became Ringo Starr. This was the beginning of the Beatles as we know them now. There first #1 hit was ‘pleas please me’ There are also songs that were writing about the things Paul and John remembered from their youth in Liverpool. For example: ‘Penny lane”. Paul wrote this song when was waiting for John in Penny lane. He wrote everything that he saw. ‘Strawberry fields’ is also an example. It’s about a playground of an orphanage where John used to play a lot. The Beatles split up on the 10th of April 1970
John Lennon: He is born at the 9th of October. He grew up in Liverpool with his aunt. He mother died when he was 18 years old. He had a difficult youth and a lot of problems at school. In 1969 he marries for the second time. The first time with Cynthia didn’t work out. John and Cynthia had one son. The second time he married Yoko Ono. A lot of people claim that Yoko was the reason for the split of the Beatles. In the 70’s John starts his solo career. John takes a break from his solo career from 1975 until 1980 because he wants to raise his second son. In 1980 John is murdered at the age of 40 just outside his house the ‘Dakota building’. A fan, who wanted a signature, murdered him and after he got signature he shot John Lennon. The murderer is named Mark Chapman, he was found mentally ill. This was my presentation about The Beatles and John Lennon.


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