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In 1876 Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. This communication device is considered to be telecommunication: transporting messages on distance through cable-, radio- or satellite connections. These inventions made it possible to talk to each other through a wire. The first telephone exchange was opened in 1878 in New Haven, Connecticut and operated manual. In 1892 an American undertaker developed a device that was able to cope a 100 subscriptions. Every one of them could reach each other automatically without the interference of a telephone operator. Thanks to some other inventions it became possible to reach out over larger distances and nowadays there are hardly any restrictions left.
The first half automatically operating telephone exchange in the Netherlands was build in Amsterdam around 1911. Nine years after, The Hague was next and after another three years Rotterdam became the third city with a half automatically operating telephone exchange.

The Netherlands were second of Europe with an entirely automated telephone network.
These days almost every modern household has more than one telephone connection or at least several telephone sets.


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