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Premiering January 14, 1990, The Simpsons is the longest-running prime-time animated series in history, and the longest running sitcom currently on prime-time television. The Simpsons is also a cultural institution. Now in its 14th season, The Simpsons has an extremely loyal dedicated fan base worldwide. Intelligently written, subversively humorous and delightfully witty, the show pokes fun at itself and everything in its wake.

The series has been critically praised and bestowed with numerous honors, including a Peabody Award, 18 Emmy Awards, 16 Annie Awards, 3 Genesis Awards, 8 International Monitor Awards, and 5 Environmental Media Awards. The Simpsons were recently nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Television Series - Musical or Comedy.

The Simpsons currently holds the Guinsess Book of World Records title for Longest-Running Primetime Animated Series and Most Celebrities Featured in an Animated Series. Recognized as a pop culture icon, Homer Simpson's annoyed grunt - "D'oh!" was added as an official word in the 2001 edition of the Oxford Dictionary. The Simpsons also received a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
On February 16, 2003, The Simpsons celebrated its remarkable 300th episode featuring professional skateboarding legend Tony Hawk, alternative rock band blink-182 and Malcolm in the Middle's Jane Kaczmarek. Also paying a visit to Springfield this season are Elliot Gould, Marisa Tomei, Little Richard, Steve Bucsemi, Eric Idle and The Simpsons' own James L. Brooks.
There is a also lot of merchandising around the Simpsons. There are T-shirts, comic books, posters, dolls, etc, etc.
The voices of The Simpsons are all done by adults. Also the children. For example: Bart’s voice is done by a woman.
The Simpsons Characters:
The Simpsons reside in the town of Springfield
Homer Simpson: He’s a fat man, he works at the power plant and he drinks a lot of beer. He is married to Marge Simpson and has 3 children. Bart, Lisa and Maggy. He hates Mr. Burns (his boss) an he hates Ned Flanders (his neighbour)
Marge Simpson: She is a skinny woman with long blue hair. She’s married to Homer. She works as a full-time mother and housewife. Marge tries to keep peace in her family.
Lisa Simpson: Lisa is the intelligent, saxophone-playing vegetarian member of the family

Bart Simpson: He is the naughtiest kid in town. He like’s to ride his skateboard and irritate Mr. Skinner (his principal). He has spiky hair.
Maggy Simpson: She is the youngest in the house. She always sucks on her dummy. She never says anything and she also has spiky hair.
Abraham Simpson: He is Homers father and better known as Grandpa. He lives at the old folks home.
Selma and Patty Bouviers: They are the sisters of Marge. The smoke a lot and they always watch McGyver.
Santa’s little helper: He is the Simpsons dog. He is very skinny and doesn’t get a lot of attention.
Snowball 2: She is the replacement of the first snowball and she is Lisa's cat, she also coughs up furballs all the time.

School Staff:

Groundkeeper Willy: He works at Springfield elementary. He is Scottish and he has a red beard. He hates Bart.
Seymour Skinner: He is the principal of Springfield Elementary. He lives with his mother. He also hates Bart, because he trashes up the school.
Edna Krabapple: She is Bart's teacher, and she is very lazy because she only shows educational movies while smoking in classroom. She is searching for a man and finds Seymour attractive.

Superintendent Charles: He is Seymour’s boss and he dislikes that Seymour always tries to kiss his ass and trashes up the school.
Miss Hoover: This is the teacher of lisa, and she is just an average teacher, although she has got a problem with Ralph because he’s very stupid.
Otto Bus: He is the bus driver of the Springfield Elementary Schoolbus. He always listens to his walkman and he is always stoned.

School Children: (Besides Bart and Lisa)

Ralph: He is in Lisa’s class and he is probably the dumbest kid in town, he eats glue, stuffs everything in his nose, and asks dumb questions all the time.
Milhouse: He is Bart’s best friend and wears glasses and has blue hair. His mother hates Bart because he has a bad in influence on him.
Nelson: He hits all the kids to steel their lunchmoney, and he allways laughs at people. He lives alone with his mom.
Martin: He’s the school nerd, because he has a funny accent and gets good grades.

Town’s People:

The Flanders: They are the Simpsons' neighbours, and they are very religious. The father’s name is Ned, and he says Didly in every sentence. His wives is called Maud, and his kids are Todd and Rod.
Chief Wiggum: He’s Ralph's dad and he’s might be even more stupid. He is a cop, and he only eats donuts while working.
The SeaCaptain. He is a captain, he shows up once in a while so you don’t know much about him but he says D’argh a lot.
Mr. Burns: He is the boss of the nuclear power plant where Homer is working. And he practically owns the whole town. He’s very old, bold and mean. And he likes to say: ‘Excellent’
Smithers: He is the assistant of mr. Burns. He’s gay and he fancies mister burns. He collects Barbie dolls.
Dr. Hibbert. He’s the town docter, and he always laughs at the wrong time.
Dr. Nick: He’s the doctor for people who can’t afford dr. Hibbert. Each time he enter’s a room He says: Hi, everybody! And they say: Hi, dr. Nick. He caused a lot of deaths, because he hasn’t got a doctor licence.
Mayor Quimby: He is the Springfield mayor and he can’t remember his speeches so his assistant always whispers things in his ears.
Moe: He is the bartender of Moe’s tavern. He is single and desperatly searching for somebody. He is a good friend of Homer.

Barney: He is an alcohol addict and an old college friend of Homer. You can always find him in Moe’s Tavern. He also burps allot.
Lenny and Carl: They are colleges of Homer at the power plant and also friends of Homer.
Apu Nahasapeemapetilon: He owns the Kwik-E-Mart. That is a gas station/cheap super mart. He is an Indonesian. He works 24 hours a day. He’s married and has no children, because his children are sold to a show.

TV people

Krusty The Clown: He is the clown of the city. Bart is a very huge fan of him. He makes stupid jokes nobody likes. And he is addicted to cigarettes and liquor.
Sideshow Bob: He used to work as Krustys assistant, but left the show and focused on killing Bart, but Bart gets him in prison every time.
Sideshow Mel: Also known as mister bone in his hair because, of course, he has got a bone in his hair. He is working for Krusty the clown.
Itchy and Scratchy: They are the fake Tom and Jerry and they kill each other.

Kent Bruckman: He is presenting Springfield today, the Springfield news show, and all the other serious tv-shows.
Troy McClure: He is a presenter of all low budget programs,shows, and videos. His opening sentence always is: Hi, i’m Troy McClure, you might remember me from movies as ...., .... and .... .


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