Senseless violence

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  • 7 mei 2003
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Senseless Violence
My presentation is about senseless violence or public violence in society. The reason I chose this subject is because it’s a major social topic. There are various types of senseless violence, like violence in traffic, violence against public servants, sexual violence and violence of hooligans. I keep talking about senseless violence, but what does it exactly mean? The correct definition is: A spontaneous kind of physical violence or threat whereby the intentional injuring or killing of someone is the main subject. In other words: Killing or injuring someone without any fair reason. Violence most of all times occurs in the biggest city’s of many countries, but it also occurs in smaller city’s. Also, most violence occurs between nine and twelve o’clock at Friday and in the weekends. And 98 percent of all cases is committed by men. Examples: - 13 september 1997, Leeuwarden, Meindert Tjoelker sees a few young men throw a bike in the ditch and he shouts they should cut it out. The men got furious after the remark Meindert made and they started kicking at him. They keep kicking until one of them gave the final deadly kick. - On the 5 of April 2000 a boy killed his parents and his younger sister with a samurai sword. According to the police the boy was inspired by the video game ‘Final Fantasy VIII’ in which the main character is a teenager who has to kill as many dictators as possible with a samurai sword. I just discussed the things that already happened, but what is preventing senseless violence? There is a special foundation named ‘stichting zinloos geweld’, whose aim is to prevent the occurring of senseless violence. On Monday 22 September 1997, following the death of Meindert Tjoelker, the Foundation against Senseless Violence was set up. The foundation tries to contact people with a positive approach. The message is clear: violence is just not possible in this society. Many actions have been set up in the organization, like projects at elementaries. Also, individuals or sometimes other organizations organize silent marches, but like every other action, this does not solve the problem. For the family and friends of the victim it’s very good to hear that there are many fellow-creatures that also give about the lost one. For them, it’s a hold in difficult times. Sexual violence is a type of criminality that becomes more visible nowadays. Citizens, are more and more confronted with the results of sexual abuse. The willingness of tracing and prosecuting of the transgressors. Sexual violance can be named violence if the transgressor does something that the victim doesn’t want him to do. Especially minors of age and physically or mentally disabled are an easy prey. An example to show a way of sexual violence is the case of Marianne Vaatstra. She was riding home on her bike at the 30 April 1999. Halfway she was raped and murdered. The transgressor has never been caught. The police and the politics do everything they can to prevent senseless violence. But like al politicians say, the most important things must be done by ourselves. The number of victims is unfortunately still rising, and I think we should do something about it. But we have to fight for it, and not in the literal way.


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