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Matt Damon
We chose Matt Damon because we absolutely love his Bourne movies (and I adore his smile!). He’s most well-known for those and the Ocean’s movies.
Born in Boston, 8th October 1970, Matthew Paige Damon decided to become an actor at sixteen. After his parents' divorce, he went with his mother to live in Cambridge. Here he began acting in school plays and met Ben Affleck, both of them working as extras in films being shot in the area.
They both became famous in their first big movie; Good Will Hunting for which they also wrote the script. Damon played the title character, Will Hunting, a working-class genius from South Boston with issues. Affleck played his buddy, the guy who isn’t the genius. The film became a hit, gathering Oscars for Best Actor (Matt himself), Best Supporting Actor (Robin Williams), and Best Original Screenplay (Damon and Affleck). Matt went on acting, from bisexual murderer Tom Ripley in The Talented Mr. Ripley, to a fallen angel who discusses pop culture as intellectual subject matter in Dogma, in which he co-starred with Affleck from a conjoined twin in Stuck on You, to a film he co-wrote with friend Casey Affleck and Gus Van Sant with limited dialogue.

He once appeared as a heroin-addicted soldier in Courage Under Fire. He had to lose 40 pounds in 100 days. After following a self-prescribed diet and fitness regimen to lose weight, Damon was told after filming that he was lucky his heart didn’t shrink. Damon took medication for several years afterwards to correct the stress inflicted on his heart, and has stated that it had been worth it and to show the industry how committed he is to his roles.
Damon met Argentian Luciana Bozan Barroso in Miami, where she was working as a bartender. They married in a private civil ceremony on December 9, 2005, at the Manhattan Marriage Bureau near New York City Hall. Damon has now two daughters, Isabella and Gia, and stepdaughter Alexia from Barroso's prior marriage.
Damon has been actively involved in charitable work, including ONE and the H2O Africa Foundation. Damon is also an ambassador for OneXOne, a organization committed to improving the lives of children at home in Canada, the United States, and around the world.
At 38, he is still an actor to watch, and he will doubtless continue to be a hot property both on and off the big screen.


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