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Hello everybody
We’re now gonna talk about farmlife. I’m Toos I’m Truus and I’m Trees. On the farm we have all kinds of animals like chickens who sounds like this
Cows like this and pigs like this. The cows have to be milked two times a day. A cow can be milked like this: You have to pull the uthers and than there comes milk out of it. The milk drops in a bucket and than you have a bucket full of milk. Al the buckets will be picked up by milk-factories and they will put it in cartons. And than they will be send to supermarkets. So everybody can buy milk
Cows are also used for meat. Calves that the farmer don’t want

to have go to the butcher. Like we have already said there are also chickens on the farm. Chickens give eggs. Eggs have got a high nutritional value and contain vitamine A and B
Now there is the question what came first the chicken or the egg? Now I can tell you it doesn’t matter me at all. There is a variety in chicken meat. You’ve got chickenlegs, chicknuggets, cordon bleu and chickcorns. Sometimes chickens must lives in small spaces. That’s very sad because this chickens are only held for their meat and their eggs. This chickens are made fat. Pigs like to play in the mud. Usually they are fat and pink. Benefits of the farm-life are: - You’ve always got milk and eggs - It’s very nice and cosy on the farm. - If you love animals you’ve got them around you all day long - You don’t have to travel to your work, because it’s next to your door. - You’ve got a lot of freedom, because you live in the nature. - You can take care of your own business. The disadvantages are: - You’ve to get out of your bed early - Sometimes you have to do dirty work. - Your incomings depend on the weather, for example; in the winter there can be snow, that’s bad for your animals and your ground. - There’s always a risk that your cows get the mad-cow disease and you can’t make them feel better, so they must be slaughted. Than you haven’t got the maximum incomings anymore. - You can’t easily find a partner that also wants to live like a farmer. Our advice is; go and live on a farm, because it’s very cosy, and lovely to work with animals and in the weekends we have got a lot of fun. We drink beer and do the klompendance!


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